Decorations Away!


And here is the official 2004 nativity scene. I love putting up the nativity guys because it’s like a weird amalgamation of presents and treasure hunt. All the critters are wrapped up in paper towel so you can’t see what they are but then again I know what they are going to be because, well it would be pretty weird if one year there was something different in the box no? Anyway, so I have been setting the manger tableau up on my dresser these past few years (it insures a yearly cleaning of the dresser top, whether it needs it or not) and the building is always the first thing up. Building? Check. Glittery straw stuff? Check. Then the fun begins; grabbing towel lumps and unwrapping them.

I always like to see who is last in the line to be unwrapped and I also tend to place them as I unwrap them. Last year this lead to a rather amusing scene because the baby Jesus was the last to be unwrapped so everyone was gathered around nothing for the longest time. It was like they were all going “Hey! Something’s missing here!” This year I put the standing wise dude in the manger because I feel sorry for him. Why is he the only black character and why is the only black character standing while the other two kneel or are on bended knee? It puts him in the back every single time, unless I happen to put him in the building. As always, HEE! Hummel Palm Tree! What amuses me this year is that it looks like Joseph has this “Not MY kid” look on his face. He seems to be discussing this with the auxiliary lamb too. This set is not so much on board with the animals but it is fun to play with the auxiliary lamb.

We also put up Christmas lights in the upstairs windows and hung a shiny! jingle bell wreath out on the front door. It hangs by a window sucker and every year (I think this is the third year we’ve had it) I wait for it to come crashing down. Preferable when I’m around because that would be quite the fun noise but alas. We seem to have gotten the suction sticky of ultimate doom. Why do the ones that you want to stick not and the ones you wouldn’t mind failing lock on like a leach? Anyway, it is officially Christmas at the Q house. Huzzah!

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