Proctoring Picto-Post


This post was brought to you by request of LunarGeography. She mentioned in the comments of the last proctor picto-post that she’d like to see more little drawings and less words. Who am I do disappoint LG? Wala!

2008: I’d make a decent vengeance faerie I think. Except that I don’t do dishes really well.

2007: JSFR: Calbee Corn Pottage Sticks

2006: JSFR: Hot-Kid Honey Ball Cookies

2005: The moon was also out hanging around and the whole drive looked like a really pretty Christmas card. It didn’t drive much like a Christmas card though, yow. Slickery.

2004: Pushing the update to another day.

2003: So, basically, from the Earth end, these people have already become mush with the universe while at the people’s end the gate is still about five steps away. Freaky.

2002: I did do all the dishes and nearly all the laundry, wrapped the remaining Christmas Presents, went shopping (at 9:30 in the morning, thankyouverymuch) and ran another load of stuff over to TheMan’s friends house so I’m not feeling too bad about accomplishments.

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