Cam-er-a is Really Neat

TheMan ordered me a new camera so I can have a cool tiny picture taker that has some muscle behind it. It came in and we took it for a test run today. Meet Bob the Blob monster, one of the first pictures taken from my new Pentax Optico P80. I have a better pic of Bob Blob but I sort of liked Bob as seen from under my computer screen woobie.

The new camera takes very nice low light pictures. I is a bit yellow but in focus which is better than the old Dimage could do. In the old camera’s defense, it was mighty state of the art long about 2001 or so.

And of course a low light Vande.

Taking the camera out for lunch. You can see just over the top of the Quad buildings the upper floors of my book minion The Grad Library. I am giving my book minion a bit of a rest for the holidays and not ordering up any new books. Come January, however, the Grad is going to be a-hopping.

This is what I was lamenting about a while back with the building whatsits. Nobody does those little stone doohickies anymore…I mean look at the arch work! Never mind the two whatever-they-ares on either side and the stuff above the archway. Now-a-days you get a different colored stone. Maybe. Hrumph.

The middle arch (see vista pic above) has these fun little gargoyles hanging out somewhere between the top of the wall and the bottom of the ceiling. They are supposed to be caricatures of professors from back in the day (I do not know which ones but I’m sure the info is on the U’s site somewhere).

If I ever mention P-Building pickup or drop off, this is what I’m talking about. This happens to be D building and you can tell this because of the ‘D’ up there on top of the door (D building was handy to take a pic of, P Building is way out of the way for everything). We are running out of room for faculty so they put a bunch of them in P building which is a giant pain in the keester to get to. I hate P building deliveries.

Just a nice juxtaposition of the oldest classroom building (red brick on the right) and one of the newest buildings on campus (new art wing, sandstone straight ahead).

Speaking of art…Art! The first art bit (which has a real name that I am too lazy to look up) was at the extreme range of the camera. I do believe I digital zoomed for the first time ever. The second pic is a new art thing and nicely blobby. So I took a pic of it. It sort of looks like a nose doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing that got me to looking at building noodly art stuff. Angell Hall has these metalwork fixtures hanging out along the windows. Nothing special, just sorta there as window dressing. Look at all the stuff on that and it’s just part of the building decor. They really don’t do that sort of stuff anymore.

Obligatory Squirrel in Action shot. The new camera handles motion pretty well.

On the way to lunch I found a pony. PONY!

Last time we were out and about and I saw this card dress, I was lamenting the fact that my camera was too big and bulky to tote along for no specific purpose. My new camera is about the size of a pack of playing cards which is small enough to have on me most of the time. I am so looking forward to taking my tiny camera to conventions! Also, this dress thing is way cool.

More Ponies! I have no idea if this is one of ceiling cat’s usual haunts or not; we did not see any sign of him/her when we snapped the pony pic.

I should be more specific when I say I want a pony. 30 minutes of walking and already I have 3.

Here’s the new Quad going in. It has some nice fiddly brick-work which I was happy to see. No neat metalwork or stone gargoyles (yet, they may yet have time to stick some on I imagine).

Here’s a CU of the brick fiddly work. I was rather surprised to see anything artsy on the new building so yay!

I am also surprised by my 4th pony of the walk. I had no idea the town was so full of ponies.

I’d be more impressed with NorthQuad’s little bricky doodad if I hadn’t ever seen any of the older buildings. Check it out, Hill Auditorium has NorthQuad’s square fiddle brick work AND some round brick work AND some fiddle building hat stuff AND border doodads. NQuad is looking kinda plain right about now.

A strange bit of art by the Science buildings. “Positron”!

I like cutting through the physics building walkway because they always have cool science stuff in the windows.

All Glass Ether Bird!

We stopped by the Clements Library to snap pics of fiddly bits and also the giant stone WILLIAM CLEMENTS LIBRARY banner. I think all buildings should have giant carved stone names so people can find them more easily.

Lo! What should I see just after we got through snapping pics of the outside of the Clements Library? Apparently the inside is having a special exhibit. TheMan says the Clements is where old and rare books are displayed so someday we’ll take a lunch tour of the place.

The crows are back but not as tame/gullible as the squirrels. I had a really hard time getting a good pic of a crow.

This guy, on the other hand, was practically up my pants leg. “Hey! You got any pretzels? I hear you carry them from time to time.”

“Squirrels? I love squirrels!”

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    The Clements library is awesome if you like looking at old books. I *love* looking at old books.

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