I Am The Wrapping Goddess

Whoooo! Three cheers and a whoot for me today because I wrapped nearly ALL the presents last night. I rock! I got everything wrapped, bowed and labeled but Grandma Minni’s present (which was still in the stages of being made), Rob and Joanna’s present (which isn’t totally assembled) and TheMan’s presents for me…which I never get to wrap. *pout*

OK, actually, I really don’t like to know what I’m getting beforehand so no real pouting BUT look at everything else! I even wrapped two gargantous pain in the butt presents (one took up something like eight feet of wrapping paper too). HA! Note to self: Next year nobody’s present is going to be bigger than one foot by one foot by one foot. Last year I decreed that there were going to be no more oodles of tiny presents and this year there is a size restriction. I may yet have a Christmas where wrapping isn’t a pain in the posterior! Man, I keep forgetting what a buzzkill it is to be only half way through the pile and realize there is still as much unwrapped as there is wrapped. I need wrapping elves!

I am so on a roll! I’m also vibrating at my own frequency today but that’s OK. It just means that I’ll get more done I suppose (unless I crash wrack and burn in the next hour or so) and believe you me, there is a TON more to be done before we head on up north. So far I have just ticked two measly items off the list (but look! Pretty presents!) which leaves dishes, packing and Laundry! Oh my heavens is there laundry. The dirty clothes and other sundry cloth things pile was not helped by Isaak’s need to lovingly place a pile of cat yark on the bed. Damned cat. So tonight’s big push is Laundry! so we have something to wear up north. Besides, I’m out of fat socks.

We also might do a little EQing because somebody made it to 39. Finally. Heh. TheMan’s enchanter got some new tasty spells so of course we harassed a few bears and wow! Between the new 39 palafrog spells and new 39 enchanter spells we ROCK! We rock so hard even the EQ characters can wrap presents. OK, that might not have made much sense but that’s the kind of day I’m having. Boo just might need a bit of a lie down before adventures in Laundry! and EQ tonight. Hey, laundry napping is a productive household past time.

Right. Well, other than my utter awesomeness in present wrapping and TheMan getting 39 (and Isaak puking. Again) not much else is happening. Sad. I might make an Up North List today for funs. Or maybe just face plant right here on my keyboard. Either has its merits. Ciao!

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