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You know, I have no idea what happened to the missing blog day there, I swear I had updates for the entire week. [Editor’s note: Powerbook is apparently on CRACK since it showed no entry for Tuesday, yet here I am at work lookin at a Tuesday blog spot. What up dat? Frekky!] Eh, nothing really super important happened anyway I’ll wager so y’all aren’t missing much. Oh, except that I closed off the comments for all of 2003 yesterday. Thank you “on-line”. Fuckers.

First off, BORING EQ STUFF (stuff…stuff…stuff). We logged on last night but I think I have had it with bears. Maybe I’m a bit burned out, who knows but TheMan was all about the EQ so we dorked around a bit. I suggested we go play benevolent buffers in the newbie zone because if there is one thing that amuses me more than watching some low level go hog wild killing things after being buffed I do not know what it is. I don’t know the exact numbers but I think the frog can slap close to 300 HP of buffs on any one given person and when you have at most 50 that’s a lot o’ health. Plus, there is some AC action going on as well. TheMan’s enchanter has some tasty haste spells and a damage shield so we had a bit of fun buffing and laughing. Unfortunately, the newbie zones were pretty dead so we decided to head into THE UNDEAD FORREST OF DOOM! (doom…doom…doom).

This is the forest that we skirted around the very northern boundary up the hill and only in the day way back when because STUFF WILL KILL YOU THERE! Oh no! The stuff is mostly undead though, and the palafrog is nicely set up to kill undead. Plus, it would let me try my new proccing spell of undead slaying tastiness. Mmmmmm. But when we got to the UNDEAD FOREST OF DOOM (doom…doom…doom) it was…lame. No it was more than lame. We wandered all over the place and saw…some 5th level snakes. Ooooo! Oh, and a bear. We wandered out at night too so we could catch us some undead nasties but nothing, NOTHING, was in the entire damn zone except some 5th level snakes. Ooooo. And a bear.

So then we wandered to the common lands, them being right next to that thar FOREST OF DOOM and killed a hill giant (that was pretty cool), and then wandered out into the desert (where are we going?) and I gave up because BORED NOW! Ugh. Besides it was too late to go kill more bears in the Great Divide (yawn) and it was also too late to go exploring Lower Guk (I think) Dead Side and there were zero sand giants so Zzzzz. TheMan, however, was on a mission! I’m not sure what that mission was but it involved him staying online and dinking around. Unfortunately, TheMan does not know the game like I do (having played it for about a year or two previously) so when he wandered out into the Oasis and saw the island in the middle of the lake his first instinct wasn’t to run the hell away. Rather, his instinct was “Hey! Island! I wonder what’s over there?” which promptly got him killed because specters is what’s over there. Are. Whatever. When I came up from laundry and asked how things were going, his reply was “Well, I’m on a corpse run and I’ve lost my level.”

He just got some new spells too. He hasn’t lost them, fortunately, but he can’t cast them anymore. The palafrog res got his some EXP back but we need to find about 5 more things to kill so he can be back to 39 and tasty new spells. Sigh.

OK, no more boring EQ stuff.

It snowed a good slippery four inches last night, which made driving fun. TheMan is an excellent driver in the snow (it comes from living up where snow comes from) so that wasn’t so much the fun as the other drivers. We saw a Texas Plated car with wiper holes in the cake of windshield snow and small slits on either side window where the driver had opened them up to see out. Dude. Sacrifice the mitts and scrape off some snow already! I at least had a chuckle about all the snow he had to have dumped in his car by opening the side windows. Then there was the Florida dork who decided we all were going too slow, so he made his own lane by passing us and continuing onward in the oncoming traffic lane. Yeah. Very Darwin there bud. What IS it with people?

Oh yeah, and I happen to work in a town that has to have some sort of committee meeting about snow removal after their morning coffee and donuts because NONE of the streets were any kind of plowed. Truly, this town scrambles the snow removal equipment hours after they should have been out and back in. Damn city.

There is nothing much to say today, other than I get my hair cut (yay-’bout time!) and that I’m pulling the long haul (here till closing) so I have an extra long lunch. I don’t much mind closing down the library so I rather like working the last day. It’s dead quiet and by 5:30ish the building is just wanting to be quietly shut down for the week long break. I wonder if the library gets tired of all the pretentious idiots too and looks forward to when nobody is lurking around. I know I would were I the library.

Plus, I’m off work for a week. Cha-CHING!

Which brings me to the LIST that I haven’t yet made. I might do that later today, but it will have to include more laundry (I did about half last night), dishes, packing, making bean salad and I’m sure other things I am totally forgetting. We’re taking a lot of stuff up north too so I might have to have a separate “what is going” list as well as a “what needs to be done” list. It will keep me amused for the 7 more hours I have to be at work.

Well, other than three paragraphs of EQ in which nothing really happened, nothing really has happened around here. I might take some pics on the drive north (because I’m easily bored on long car trips) as I have been meaning to do another pictoblog entry. Then again, that smacks an awful lot like planning and I’m on VACATION. OK, I’m outta here before I put y’all into a coma!

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