North-Going Zax Part 1: A Picto Blog

I always say, “Start a Picto Blog with something artsy, that way everything else looks better!” or at least that’s what I say now. Behold! Snowflakes!

I took about three bazillion shots of these tiny snowflakes that were landing on the side window when we stopped for gas. It took me two bazillion shots to realize exactly how the camera worked in close up zoom. This is one of two shots that did not come out looking like fuzzy white dots on a fuzzier blue white background. Ansel Adams I am not.


For today’s entry I decided to grab the camera and shoot about 100+ pics (and of course two bazillion, nine hundred and ninety nine mazillion, nine hundred and ninety nine number-illion, nine hundred and ninety eight blurry snowflake shots) of our drive up north. Luckily for you, I’ve narrowed the selection down to two sixteen shot entries. Without further ado, Behold! Pictures!

Here is a winter shot of one of the many swamp areas off of I75.

Here I am being all artsy again. This is the snow hat on the sun roof of the bug. Pulitzer, I tell you. TheMan spent a good deal of time with his hand on the sunroof glass trying to melt the hat with the heat of his hand. I suppose it worked as bits of hat flew off as we went down the road but it must have looked mighty funny from anyone on the outside. Then again, the passenger was snapping pics like a mad thing so…

When we weren’t holding up the sunroof or pointing and shooting at EVERYthing, we cranked up the iPod and jammed to tunes. Man, one of these things makes the travel time go so much faster.

Here was a very common sight: Plow Guy! We saw numerous plow guys doing their plow thing making the roads safer for everyone to travel. This fella was one of a pair we passed.

Here was the second Plow Guy. I didn’t get the camera out in time to catch both of them in front but I did have enough time to snap a mirror shot. When I loaded it into the powerbook I noticed all sorts of cool details I couldn’t see in the small viewfinder of the camera. Hence the larger size of the pic. I also wasn’t aiming to have the Mackinaw sign included but lo! There is was and nicely framed too. I are an artiste folks! Yeah, anyway, I really liked this shot for an off the cuff quick snap.

Unfortunately, while the Plow Guys kept the road safe and clear, they caked the beegeebus out of the road signs including the mile markers. It’s incredibly difficult to figure out how many miles to the bridge when you can read maybe the first two numbers, the first or no numbers whatsoever. This one was one of the clearer marker signs. Still at 60ish mph that could be 321, 387, 354…the only thing that was certain was we were on mile three hundred something or other. Very helpful.

Hey look, swans! No one was more surprised than I was to A. See swans off the highway and B. Actually catch them on camera and not blurry. Sadly, these would be the only birds that I did catch clearly or at all. This includes a bald eagle in the UP that took its sweet time gliding across the sky. Where was I? Probably drooling in the passenger seat. Too many snow pics will do that to you.

Wheeee! Or Brrrrrr! Depending on your point of view.

I see the bridge! OK, no I don’t but this is the same bridge as This pic at the bottom portion of the blog. We had a bit of weather sneak in around Mackinaw City.

I See The Bridge! It’s there in the gloom. You can’t make it out well but that circled darkish smotch is the bridge.

At least this time there were better bridge signs.

Your obligatory bridge shot. The weather cleared up as we approached the bridged creating some funky lighting effects. Ooooo!

Obviously I’ve been taking too many boring picture shots because here I am gettin jiggy with the camera again. I love sunroofs!

And this concludes the lower peninsula portion of this trip.

Your moment of Zen.

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