North-Going Zax Part 2: A Picto Blog Cont.

Ahhhhh, pretty.

And here we have the blurry bird shot from the bridge. There were about a million of these birds floating on the lake just doing their floating bird thing.

Of course, they were doing their bird thing in a lake that was stuffed with ice flows. How do birds not freeze their feet off? Freaky birds.

Finally! The UP. And another sunroof shot. I love me the bug’s sunroof, it alleviates a lot of picture boredom.

Oooo! This is the winter view of the UP highways. I’ll let you take a Zen moment as you drink in the landscape.

Hey! Save some landscape for the other people. Gees.

Anyway, you see a lot (lot!) of trees and road once you get past the bridge. Tress and road. Trees and road (and I have a LOT of tree shots), trees and road (and a bald eagle which I sat and gawked at instead of click clicking. I was in tree daze), oh-

and these guys too. Everybody and their brother was tooling up north to go snowmobiling with their pick-em up trucks and their nine, ten, twenty sled trailers (with full butane kitchen and garage attachments) and they parked them wherever they pleased. Well golly Brud, this here shoulder of the road looks to be a darned fine sleddin spot! These fellas were parked in a small parking thingit so that wasn’t so bad but they were among the few that pulled completely off the road. Oh yeah, and here’s the obligatory log truck shot too.

This is another common sight: Parked snowmobiles across from a bar. Guess what is just across the street from these sleds? Why if you said some sort of bar or pub, give yourself 50 boo points. Yup, we saw an awful lot of snowmobiles parked right across the street from a bar or pub or similar establishment that served alcoholic refreshment. Not that I’m accusing every snowmobiler coming out of a pub and heading across the street to their parked snowmobile of throwing one or two (or many) back before climbing back on the sled. I’m sure a number of them are just stepping in to pee before heading out. Bars have the best snowsuit navigable bathrooms, you know.

And off they go! Hmmm. Snow. Snowmobilers. UM Gate tag. One of these things does not belong.

This was weird but I suppose the logs have to get onto the trucks somehow. I’ve just never seen them do it at the side of the road before. It was a very strange sight as this huge hulking…thing materialized out of the horizon.

OK, I’m not sure if this is a common sight or not, but here you have it: The Yooper Chicken Windmill!

Right. Back to reality. Mmmm, pasties.

Here is one of the first shots of Lake Superior (in the coastal town of lovely Munising). It is iced over in the bay areas but the main drag is still quite open.

Oh my. Guess where we have to go.

Another obligatory UP tree shot, but this one has added tasty snow blow from the trees. Mmmm, wind AND flurries, the drive just keeps getting funner.

I’m including this shot because I liked it. This is prestorm gloom

During storm gloom. It’s all part of Up North eh.

Your moment of Lake Zen. This is Superior.

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