SAST for December

It’s the official December SAST post….WOOOOO!

I am torn between finding a meme to throw up here or to actually sit down and do a real entry. On one hand, meme = lazy win. On the other hand, I’ve done a Roy G. Biv (I’m counting that as a meme), a proctor picto post, a recipe and a picto-picto post so I’ve been wrocking the lazy all week. So to my few and loyal booniverse readers (who probably would like an entry with a little meat in it already (except for my mom who is probably loving the pictures) here’s a little something something. Wait, I’ve lost track of my parentheticals. Hold on… Ah. OK, I needed to close off double after “loving the pictures”. ) There ya go.

Warcraft! I plays it. Except not a lot more than I’ve already blogged about it so there is nothing new or awesome to report. I’m still learning the tank job, still doing OK but also n00bing it up now and then (I don’t want to talk about last night except to say that if you Warcrafty peeps are trying to get nerd points off of the Iron Council by killing off the big dude last, anyone the dude hits gets the ‘asplody buff. This includes the off tank who may or may not have accidentally hit the “Single taunt YO MAMA” button rather than “Do you mind if I place my shield in your face for just a moment Mr. Mob? It won’t be but a quick thing and you’ll hardly even notice it’s there.”)

Working out! I does it. Still. I’m too lazy to count days but it’s 5 months times 30 days (150) plus three days plus whatever day it is today. 171 maybe? Good enough, I’ll run with that. We struck a deal with DQ and bought her bowflex off of her. It’s got another 100 pounds of rods (doesn’t that sound like the beginning of pr0n spam!) which will benefit TheMan once he gets serious about weights and it has a leg attachment deelie. Right now with our bowflex, TheMan at his “I haven’t really worked out so I’m doing light weights” weight has just about all the rods stacked up on the rod holder thingies. The extra 100 pounds should keep him occupied. As to the leg attachment deelie…ummm…it’s weird. The pictured have the extension set up so that your head is lower than your feet as you do leg ups. They must glue the models onto the bench because when we tried the set up it wasn’t pretty. Needless to say, I think we’ll keep the leg extension thing in reserve for when we feel like sliding down the bench on top of our poor inverted noggins.

I reject the idea of boots and am still rocking the clogs. Take that, winter.

I need to do some Christmas shopping for TheMan but first I need ideas. Argh. I also need to wrap presents we have already. ARGH! I need Christmas elves.

2008: Nobody is having lunch outside today.

2007: My boss boss did bring in her world famous buckeyes…not that I really need more candy. They were really, really good though.

2006: Momma Webster knows from rum balls too. MmmmmMMmmm.

2005: JSFR: Grass Jelly Drink

2004: JSFR: Harvest Sesame

2003: Totally not related but part of the story, I’ll move away from rocks of indeterminate size being flung through space to the pre show festivities.

2002: Oyster stew! Blech. Hmmm, this must be national food ranting day.

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