Chillin Up North, eh!

Yo yo! Take a look at Mom Q’s new feeder. It went up…Sunday? Maybe? When did we get here? I’ve officially lost track of the days…WHOOOO! This is the BEST vacation ever!

Heh. OK, lemmie think. Saturday was Christmas and we all went over to Cousin Stacy and Matt’s place for a fab dinner and presents so Sunday must have been the day we headed on out. We got here (in one piece…YAY!) and did presents so Monday! Monday was the day the bird feeder went out. Man, that really hurt.

Anyhow, it hangs along side 7000 other feeders in the back (OK, realistically 11, I just asked. Wait, maybe only 7…no, 9. The final count is nine. Even Mom Q has lost track of how many feeders are hanging around! Thems a lot of feeders), three of which are actually suet feeders and one bird bath with warm water pumpin action. If you are a bird around here, you know where the Ritz of back yard bird havens are.

It’s not as insane as it sounds (I’ve just been told that there may be 2 or 3 bird feeders out front, BTW), Mom Q is an avid bird watcher. She is keeping a bird count log for Cornell University in which she counts the number of occurrences of bird species for two consecutive days (with a five day break between countings). It’s sort of weird, she can only count as many birds as she can see, so if a blah-de-blah capped chickadee flies up and then flies away and another blah-de-blah capped chickadee flies up, she only gets 1 for blah-de-blah capped chickadee. However, if she can see 2 blah-de-blah capped chickadees at once, then she gets to mark 2 down for blah-de-blah capped chickadee. Guess how many birds were hanging around on Monday and Tuesday (her bird watching days)? Zippo. Maybe two or three but it was slim pickins those two days. Then today rolled around and the back yard was covered in all sorts of birds. BAH! They haven�t yet found the new feeder but I got to see the birds having a snack and a small spa at the established feeders. How fun!

I also saw this guy giving the new feeder an eyeballing. He settled for the suet but he was sure interested in the new buffet that went up!

OH! Sadly, we did not get a pic of the pigeons at the Mackinaw City Big Boy but the display we saw prompted TheMan to remark “Pigeons are like birdzilla of the winged world.” They had up two or three small finchy type feeders and those crazy pigeons were trying their darndest to cop a squat and partake of the seed. The only problem there is that a finchy type feeder is about two or three bird sizes too small for a pigeon but that didn’t seem to phase these guys any. They were clinging on any way they could, wings, feet and heads a-flappin to maintain some sort of balance while they totally gorged themselves on seed. The poor finches had to wait back in the branches because there was absolutely no place for them to land. Did you know you can fit six, possibly seven pigeons on a one foot by one foot four sided finch feeder?

You know, that’s about all I have for you today. TheMan and I made the mad s’getti sauce for dinner Tuesday and are going to try the Wok Killing Fish Dinner on Thursday (we have, hopefully, a non wok killing plan in the works) and Mom Q has about a zillion different kinds of cookies stashed here and there that we are pretty much steadily munching on. Mmmmm! Food and loafing, that’s the ticket this vacation, looks like I’ll have some New Years resolution stuff cut out for me eh? Just roll me over to the macaroons if you would…ahhh thanks.


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