An Early Christmas

Guess who got to celebrate his first (sorta) Christmas this weekend? Sadly, Michener Everett Nefling is still a little too young to really get into the Christmas thing but that didn’t stop everyone from piling as many presents onto the kid as they could. Christmas is for watching little kids go crazy.

Here’s a worried Nefling wondering if his Christmas presents will be awesome or not. OK, actually I’m not sure why he looks concerned here, perhaps the toy isn’t doing what he wants it to do. That’s one of the old toys that lives over at my mom’s house. Maybe he’s just bored with it.

Here’s Michener Everett Nefling and my mom chilling on the window seat. Nefling is at the “crawling everywhere really super fast” stage and the boy likes to boogie. He was quite put out about being strapped to the chair when lunch rolled around (but then G’ma found GRAHAM CRACKERS and that was awesome) because he couldn’t GO! We spent a lot of time making sure Michener Everett Nefling didn’t toddler down the stairs or into a corner or over a large something or whatever he was heading towards which was surely going to present some sort of danger. Toddlers aren’t really good at toddling safely.

My sis, mom, Mr. Paul, TheMan and I met Sunday for Christmas with Sis. They (Sis, Nefling and BroIL) will be motoring down to Florida for the holidays so we did the present thing early. TheMan and I will have Christmas proper on Christmas day with my parents (and DQ) so it was one of those odd presentings but it was fun to see what everyone got for the Nefling.

I will say that TheMan and I, the designated geek aunt and uncle, got the nefling the coolest toy ever (ThinkGeek’s Mozart cube) and for 10 whole minutes we were the most bestest awesomest present givers EVER in the history of ever. Then the huge stuffed sheep was opened up and Mozart cube was so yesterday. Toddlers! At least he didn’t go gaga over the wrapping paper (and the screaming happy faceplant into cuddly sheep was so cute we all died of kawaii).

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