Tis The Day Before Christmas


The last day of work before we shut down is always spookily quiet. This year was a little different because I was actually the last person from my department here; in year’s past it’s been me and a professional (re: Librarian) and we have all sorts of fun putting the library to sleep. This year, the new Librarian drew the holiday closing short straw but she doesn’t drive and the bus schedule gets all crazy around the same time we would be leaving so she skedaddled early. It could be that I and the sole Circ worker were the last people at the bitter end (plus a student who kindly volunteered to watch the desk so the Circ staff person could go do the Library shut down). Or maybe there was someone else but they are now locked in MUAHAHAHAHAHA!.

Well except for the fact that the crash bars are on the inside of the doors so you can’t actually lock someone in. Pity that, people would respect the closing time a lot more if they knew that they couldn’t get out once things were buttoned down.

Packing for the road trip got mostly done as did the laundry. The cats did not help matters when they puked on TheMan’s blanket which I put off washing, and put off washing and then decided it wasn’t going to happen only to have a cold shivering TheMan ask where his blanket was. Hey, you either get clean underwear or a blanket, there is no time for both! (We stripped a blanket off my bed that I’m always throwing off anyway and everyone was toasty.) We left a few odds and ends of tech to compile when we got home but all in all, a more or less successful prep was accomplished. Mostly.

I hope I didn’t forget something important like water for the cats or to retrieve the mail so it doesn’t go sentient on the mail man. OH! Did we take the compost out? I guess we’ll know when we get back!

Have a happy break all!

2008: Am I packed? No. Do I even have the laundry done to pack? No. Are the presents wrapped? Pssssht. Horde? Still going strong. Do I feel like a nap? Oh hell yes.

2007: I have no idea how the front of the table and the window in back are both in focus and none of the people in between are. I guess I’m just that good at taking pics or something.

2006: JSFR: Fruits Pretz

2005: Heisa, dann ist Weinachtstag!

2004: Laundry napping and not updating.

2003: I’ll be sneaking back later in the quiet wee hours after Christmas when I’ll gut you and eat your innards. I’m so HUNGRY ho. ho. ho.

2002: I’m going up north for TheMan’s family holiday AND I’m still wearing sandals! I could not be happier. Have a happy Christmas y’all.

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