Incredibles Vacation

In which all the Qs troop out to see a movie. Ooooo!

Can you guess what film we saw? Well? Well? Heh, boo points if you answered “The Incredibles”. Our plan was to take in a movie Monday, or maybe Tuesday but this and that happened and what with the extreme malleability of vacation time our movie day became Wednesday. We figured that we had to see it by then since they were only playing it twice a day, the Marquette death knell for movies. So see it we did.

What a movie! I think we all loved it to pieces (which is an odd image considering a movie is just light projected on a wall) and we would see it again and again. It was better than cats. OK, seriously, I have this little soft spot of love in my heart for Pixar films so whenever they have something out I get all “OoooOoooOooo”. Naturally, I was all Oooo about The Incredibles which sometime can be a bad thing. Well, not specifically The Incredibles but building up a movie in general. I’ve been burned before but this movie? THE BOMB! Plus, ElastiGirl’s powers were so much like LunarGeography’s Sunday game character it was freaky. LunarGeography, get you to the theater and see this character in action!

OK, actually, rethinking that I might be just a little scared about suggesting to LunarGeography that there might be fresh new and wickedly cool ideas she can use for her character in this flick. Hrrrrmmm!

So in parting with this topic, I just have to say I loved when everyone got together and combined abilities. It was a very team work sort of vibe going on and it rocked. Yo. Now go out and see this film, I’m going to go see when I can preorder it from Amazon. Heh.

Other interesting bits of…errr…interest (you might think I could, you know, thesaur that sentence or something) we had a bit of a chilliness here at the Q house. Mom Q fired up the gas fireplace (again with the thesauing) so we could have a bit of toasty early morning living room hanging when suddenly (or maybe three hours later of suddenly) we smelled gas. We called the gas guy (this may have been a Tuesday happening, actually. Perhaps Monday? I can’t remember, I don’t particularly want to remember either because I’m on vacation! Lets just say “earlier” and I’ll leave the exact definition of “earlier” up to the reader’s imagination. Moving on!) and he came out post haste (almost as if he were next door he arrived that fast. They don’t kid around with the gas smell!). He had his sniffer thing-it going and sniffered the house for about 45 minutes. The conclusion was that the fireplace was doing an “incomplete” burn (which was the smell) and that we had a carbon monoxide problem.

Well. Off went the fireplace, the water heater and the heat while we waited for the appliance/furnace fix-it guy to arrive. I guess the gas guys don’t do carbon monoxide. Colorless? Odorless? Monoxidous? Deadly? Sorry Ma’am, can’t help ya (Oh! Hee, the gas guy had a nice Yooper accent going too). Just shut down all the gas stuff and call the fix-it guy. Have a nice day.

It gets really chilly up here with no heat and the fix-it guy took a couple of hours to wander by (he was NOT next door, apparently) so we got to bundle up for a bit. Or take a nap, which seemed t work for me. Heh, any excuse in my book. Hey, what, no heat? OK! Nap time.

The fix-it guy couldn’t find anything specifically wrong with anything so we got back up and running (YAY! Heat!) and are making sure to not shut the glass doors on the fireplace. Was that the culprit? Who knows but it’s the best anyone was able to come up with. At least the stinky gas smell doesn’t happen with the glass doors open so maybe?

Tomorrow we get to go to the library to see the display of toys and lo! The second ever attempt at the Wok Killing Fish Dinner. Tune in for success or failure (if I don’t update, it’s because we have found a new variant of the dinner: House Killing Fish Dinner. Wish me luck!

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