Hey, Are Those Hearld Angles?

Oh my bad, it’s just a blurry pic of an LED light.

I’m feeling lazy in the superlative so lemmie see if I can’t find a meme to throw up here. Well phoo, teh internets fail me (my meme-fu, it is weak). OK, new tactic…I’m going to pull up 5 random Wikipedia articles and do something with that. Alright? Alright! Here I go!

FIRST RANDOM ARTICLE Is about Tano, K?chi.

Heh, I just got done dinking around with the JSFR so this is kind of a cool first random article. It’s also a stub so I didn’t have to read a whole lot either. Apparently, this is a southern Japanese town and K?chi was some sort of ruler way back when who kept a house here. I should remember this for whenever I’m in Japan and visit my random Wikipedia stub town!

SECOND RANDOM ARTICLE Is about Champion of the Colony.

HEE! We move from stubs to things that don’t exist since apparently this article is about a list of Australian (Check that out, we didn’t move very far regionally) Football award which is a hoax: The list of winners claimed for the Champion of the Colony award is a hoax as no such award for Australian Football is known to have existed. That’s just AWESOME but I’m not sure where article number three can go from there. Let’s find out.


BOATS! I love boats and this one is a German armored cruiser built around the 1900s. Sadly, some British ships sank her when the Gneisenau went to pester the Falkland Islands for coal. Maybe bombing isn’t the most politic way of asking to borrow a cup of coal so they can steam on into the night. This is also a cool random article in that I was cruising Amazon.de the other day looking for German audio books (I might be thinking about brushing up on my German again). I discovered Pu der Baer which cracked me up. I may have to get Pu der Baer in print because how cool would that be.

FOURTH RANDOM ARTICLE Is about Demonization.

HEE!! I think everyone should call up random Wikipedia pages because this is fun! I especially like the Juxtaposition of a WWI German Navy boat and Demonization. It would be even cooler if the Falkland Islands were right off of Australia because then all my random articles would have a theme, or at least a more obvious theme than whatever one they may have now. I’m not versed enough on my conspiracy theories to come up with a good “solid” link. Anyway, for those of you too lazy to look, demonization seems to be the act of telling other faiths that because they don’t worship your gods that their gods are demons. Nice. Love thy neighbor but tell him his faith is wrong.

LAST RANDOM ARTICLE Is about Carson Whitsett.

Well meh that. I was hoping for something cooler than a keyboardist who did stuff that I am not familiar with. Obviously his gods are demons who sink German boats that win phantom awards off the southern coast of Japan.

2008: I’m not sure how exactly they could do any less snow removal than they have historically done except for maybe selling off all the equipment so they positively can’t do any but there you go.

2007: JSFR: Marron Pocky

2006: And if you are opening gifts on Christmas eve you’d better put them back in the box and rewrap them before my mumses finds out or you’re going to get into so much trouble.

2005: It also probably makes the room smell like cat ass but it keeps them happy and Isaak quiet. That alone is worth the waft of cat ass.

2004: Whoooo! Three cheers and a whoot for me today because I wrapped nearly ALL the presents last night. I rock!

2003: Hmmm, I think what sounded like bastard cookies was when you said “bastard cookies”.

2002: Hee! Say it in an Andy Griffith voice and it becomes even funnier!

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