Am I Actually Caught Up on Posting?

“Pbbbblt, as if”

We have a house guest again this holiday season and as you can imagine, my cats are overjoyed. My cats are actually kind of stupid because Meow has been here since Sunday and neither of them had caught on to that fact until today. I guess it didn’t help that I was holding the upstairs door open (so I could take a pic of Meow, who was on the stairs) which prompted Isaak to go racing up the stairs. He stopped pretty daarned quickly when he realized the stairs were occupido and hissed a hissey hiss. Of course I had to then hold the door open for Vande to see what the fuss was about.

Meow was not happy about that. At all. She will cut you if you so much as look at her funny.

Oh yeah, says Little Kitty, BRING IT SISTER!

In an actual cat fight I would put money on Meow, in case you were curious. Meow is 3 years older than Vande, about 3 pounds lighter and used to bossing around black labs and dobermans. Vande just isn’t in her league. Heck, I don’t think that *I* am in that cat’s league.

Once again I am way further behind than I should be in terms of traveling prep. Do I have the laundry done? Not all of it. Am I packed? Somewhat. Do I have the snacks corralled? Nope. Am I boogering around on Farmville? Well I gotta do something while the laundry sloshes around right?

Actually, I kinda want to take a nap. I might after I post this entry but it’s going to be a long night. I can feel it. Better take a nap now. Heh.

As far as Christmas prep, we have pulled pork…errr…pulling (porking?) so it’ll be ready to go when we get home tomorrow. I should mash taters but maybe I’ll just bring taters up to mash (we’re stopping off at my mom’s place overnight for Christmas so the taters won’t be traveling the whole time with us). Dishes would be nice but instead I’m writing you all an entry. You are welcome (also PROCRASTINATION FTW!). Crud! It’s almost 10pm. How did that happen? Last time I looked up it was 9. I’m not done with everything! ARGH!!! OK, gotta go do stuff.

I can not beLIEVE you let that cat into my house. MY HOUSE!

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