Attack of the Killer Munchies

This makes no sense. I’m sick and yet, I have the urge to eat everything in the house.

In any other scenario this would be alarming, but I have stomach flu so anything that goes down does so dubiously and with much protesting. I have traversed into the obscene! Munchies? What am I thinking? I haven’t yarked the yark of the millennium yet (TheMan gave that category a good running this Sunday. He tried to expel his toes through his mouth for the title of Yark King) but my stomach feels like the sea in the perfect storm. So why do I have the sweetie munchies? We have a death by chocolate in the freezer and it has been howling my name since I started feeling ill. I just made the crust for my ultimate cheese cake and I snagged a few of the thin mints while vaporizing them. Were they tasty? Well sorta. Did my stomach gurgle and heave? You bet. And did I learn my lesson? Of course not. What’s that noise from the freezer? Sounds like chocolate ice cream cake in need of rescuing!

Ugh! Right now I am having luke warm tea (Lapsang Souchong) that was at one point in time too hot to drink. Heh. TheMan said it did wonders for his tum today so I made me up a mug of it. Guess I have been poking about the web and doing chores too long waiting for it to cool. It has, which is good, but now I am going to have to go zap it in the microwave. Oh how exciting my life is!

I went over some needed to be attended to mail and replied to two wedding invites: My cousin’s, which I declined for lack of funds to get me out there and vacation days in case I need them, and a coworker’s who I said yes to. I wonder if I have to send my cousin some sort of note about not attending or if the checked NOT COMING! box is enough? I might say something in a card with the ever popular check present saying “Sorry couldn’t make it blah blah, hope it is beautiful, wish you well letter cakes” . Strangely enough, both invites are for the same day and at the same time. Huh! Question though – do I invite the coworker to my wedding because he invited me to his? What’s the low down on that? Hmmm, not sure on the etiquette there.

The invite for the coworker was beautiful. I talked with him sometime last week and learned that his fiancée made them herself and to that I just had to say wow. The paper is this thick rough fancy stuff (excuse my not knowing what the hell I am talking about when it comes to paper types and grades) with dried flowers pressed into it. The envelope inside the master envelope (and my ignorance shines again!) which I am here by coining as a term because I like it, was a cool frosted velum deal and the invites to the reception were printed on the fancy paper with a frosted velum sheet attached over it and held in place with a bow that matched the pressed flowers. Very nice indeed, it gave me ideas for invitations.

You know, I could ramble a lot more but TheMan just came home and I am not making a lot of sense to myself. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something worth while to read.

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