Wok That Fish, Gone Kitty Gone and GeoCaching

I’m here updating, the fish did not explode. Much. Heh.

We headed out to the library yesterday to view the Island Of Lost Toys exhibit they had displayed. That’s the saddest part of the Rudolph special I think, the idea that there are these lonely toys banished somewhere because their kids just don’t care anymore. Of course I tear up at the Velveteen Rabbit too when he gets thrown out (yeah, yeah, I know it’s a happy story in the end…for the rabbit. What about the poor child who lost their treasured stuffed bunny? *sniff*) and don’t even start in on the e-bay tug boat commercial. Just a moment, I have to blow my nose. Allergies. Definitely allergies.

Anyway, TheMan did an entry about it here with pics and whatnot. Boy did the exhibit bring back some old memories. Take that Jeopardy game hiding off to the side of the Candy Land shot. We had that exact Jeopardy game down to the little red adn blue clickers! I loved the clicker things. *click-click* They made the BEST noise ever and there was something immensely pleasing about the action because I was ALWAYS into that box just for the clickers. *click-click* The red what-sit was cool too, but you can’t beat *click-click*.


I think my sis and I (for she too was swayed to the dark side by the luring promises of *click-click*) spent days of months totally fascinated by the mesmerizing sound (and smart clicking action) of those clickers. *click-click*. We’d be downstairs rummaging through the games when HEY! Jeopardy. Out would come the box and we’d dig through it until we found those clickers and for the next hour we were in our own little clicker world. *click-ckick*. They would be guns or sonar or Geiger counter, whatever. Didn’t matter, it was all about the clicking anyhow. I think we eventually wound up driving my mother bonkers with the click-clicking because I remember first the clicker disappearing and then when that didn’t shut us up (for yes, we did complain mightily about the disappearance of the magic clicker. Mightily incessantly as I recall) the whole game vanished. Poof. We were much sadder (but also much quieter) kids after that. Those clickers were so cool. *click-click*

We also owned Candy Land (but not the version showed there) and a red wagon exACTLY like TheMan’s little red wagon (except the neighborhood bullies didn’t take the front panel of our little red wagon). Sadly, we lived on a very flat stretch of flat so the only “badump-batunk” we got was when we pulled it along the sidewalk ourselves. That gets boring fast when you are six or seven and hauling around your three or four year old sis. I will say that the wagon was none too stable turning so ours too wound up often on its side in our front lawn. You’d be amazed how much air time a four year old sis gets when you whip one of those wagons around the corner of the driveway.

Moving on!

The next stop was Thills Fish Market (YAY Thills!). I love this place! We got fresh lake trout for the Wok Killing Fish Dinner and some other goodies (all fresh from the lake. Mmmm, taesTAY!) and prepared for the Fish Dinner of Doom! TheMan MacGyvered together a grillin platform for the smoking part of the fish preparation which I have to say worked like a charm. Plus, it wasn’t a wok and didn’t get a sheet of aluminum fused to the bottom of it. WHOOOO! Dad Q fired up the grill, TheMan watched over it to make sure none of the flames got away (read; dinked around with the fire. He loves hi some fire dinking) and somewhere in the mix, we lost a cat.

The good news is that the fish came out fantastique, the bad news is that DQ’s Thufer was on the missing cat’s list for about six hours. We looked everywhere for that darned cat (who had gotten past the basement door and then hid in a different dimension for the night), including the freezer and the neighbor’s mailbox. Well, the cat wasn’t anywhere else…we looked! Sometime early this morning, Thuf came up from the alternate dimension he had been visiting and everything came out peachy.

Except Thufer is SO on the bad cat list.

After that fun and excitement, and breakfast, the fam (minus TheMan and I) decided to go out shopping for stuff and stuff and they game back with a GPS receiver. We are going to try our hand at geocaching! Whooo! For those of you not in the know (like I was about a year ago), it sort of orienteering, gadgeteering and treasure hunting all rolled up in one. People put these caches of stuff (mostly a log book and some other little knick-knacks) out on public property, give the coordinates of the cache and other people try to find them. Once you do, you sign the log, take a cache bit and leave a cache bit of your own. Cool eh? I’m pretty stoked! Of course, I’ve been sitting on my hinder for most of this vacation (but my DiabloII characters are coming right along) so any sort of moving around is starting to sound pretty good. I have chair ass!

Right then, I’m going to make up some crisp fro midnight eats. Be safe yous and have a great new year!

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