Roy G. Biv Up North

We’re chilling Up North so I thought I’d do a Up North meme. Enjoi.

A Red nutcracker. The Qs collect nutcrackers and they have a TON of them. This one has a Manx flag which is a heritage thing.

Goldfish! DadQ has a small 10 gallon octagon fish tank in the corner of the kitchen with three goldfish. It used to have a white fish but that one died recently so all that’s left are the three gold ones. This on is the prettiest.

Yellow Globby Ball Thingie! This lives on the shelf of knick-knacks between the living room and the music room (in which there are all manner of things and stuff). Back in the day these globby type doodads was a huge fad (this one is a timer I think) which used different densities of oil so you could do cool globby (or wavy) things with them. I could watch these things for hours!

The Music Room is full of plants of all sorts.

The back door has a bunch of decorative hanging things like scales, plants, bird things and a basting brush. What? Also hee! I guess this is a convenient place to hang the basting brush to dry but it it made me giggle. And look, 20 degrees! It’s warm!

Another thing from the knick-knack shelves but a seasonal addition: Ornaments! I’m calling this Indigo but they are really more purpley purple. Le sigh. Purple is somewhere between indigo and violet but whatever, I like this bowl of ornaments.

Violet! This is an art piece given to DadQs that lives in the bathroom. It’s a 4 panel study of adding color I think. The violet panel is base color and the other panels add a color until the final panel. It’s pretty cool.

2008: No really, BEHOLD! because project 3B took me almost exactly two years to make and assemble.

2007: JSFR: Kit Kat (Green tea milk)

2006: Does Lagniappe sound like a cross between an Italian dish and some sort of lung malady to you?

2005: Eventually I went and got a hot cup of tea, my buffalo socks and my slips and sat in front of the fire. Now, I’m almost warm…almost.

2004: TheMan and I made the mad s’getti sauce for dinner Tuesday and are going to try the Wok Killing Fish Dinner on Thursday (we have, hopefully, a non wok killing plan in the works).

2003: I went up, noted again that the sink is draining slow and said “To hell with Cheetos!” (yeah, it sorta spooked me too) and I made the special trip back down to get the darn Draino.

2002: Well OK then, my bad. The twelve days start at Christmas and continue through to the 6th of January (25…26…27…) Errr, the 5th of January.

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