New Year’s Post


Happy New Year from the 2005 snow sculpture. What…you don’t rush outside after the stroke of midnight and make a new year snow sculpture?

Ooooooooooh I am so full I think I pulled my stomach muscles. We just got back from dinner at the new “lodge” restaurant in town and oi! Good food but my stomach is so full. Heh, I think I’ll just sit here and type an entry because I’m too full to move.

Mom Q, DQ, TheMan and I played a feisty game of Mah Jong (in which I actually won a couple hands – Hooray! I think Mom Q won it all) until the televised ball dropping. We opted not to go to the world famous Marquette live ball dropping after all and tuned in to Jay Leno. 10…9…8…7…shiny…shiny…1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Then we played some more Mah Jong, ate some taaaasty apple pie and headed out to make some New Year Snow Dudes.


(TheMan’s Snow Dude)

Then we opted to go to bed because it was COLD and our snow dudes were done. Oh yeah, and it was 2am, but at least it was snowing. Hooray! It had started to rain Thursday (rain! Come on, we’re in the UP! What’s that about?) and continued through until Friday. There was green on the ground. GREEN! That’s just not right. By 11 at night, though, the snow had come back. Hooray! Now it’s snowy and icy…errr…Hooray? Right.


Latish morning we did the Q house traditional shrimp eating and New Year’s Day parade watching with a helping of general loafing. Mmmm, shrimp sauce. Mmmm, loafing. Then we were off! No more laziness for the Q clan because we were heading off to go GeoCaching! Hooray!

It was a lot of fun for an activity that should really be done when it isn’t cold and snowy and icy. Heh, but anyway we had a list of twelve or so caches and a newly purchased GPS receiver and the will to discover! And some hints but I’m not going to really emphasize that part of the caching. The first one was near a neat old memorial and took us a bit of digging and hunting to find the 35mm film case that was the cache. The hint was what got us close and a stick was what got the rock off the canister. Remember the rain? It had iced a rock onto the canister. The top was also not sealed totally so the inside was a bit moist when we did chip the rock away. Hooray for tool using. We signed the log and took off again to cache two.

Cache two we didn’t find. It was the biggest of them too but I think it was more of a summer cache than a winter cache. Besides, my toes were getting cold.

Cache three was really cleverly concealed and it was a bigger container so we signed the log and took a Ishpeming Ski Club pin and left one of the Insane Crane Posse. I even got to lope down a snowy slope. Wheeee!

Cache four was another film canister so we didn’t get to leave anything but we got to sign the log and we had a fun time finding it. It took us a little stomping around, a little more driving and some more stomping (in the right location this time) until lo! Them cache planters are cle-ver!

Afterwards we went off to see another movie in a real theater. I think my brain is going to explode, first The Incredibles, then A Series of Unfortunate Events…that’s two movies in an actual theater in less than a week. What’s the world coming to? Seriously, I think the last film we saw on the big screen was The Lord of the Rings: return of the King. Sad. We need to get out more.

Then out to eat and now food coma. Glahhhhhhh.

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