New Years


And my new year’s resolution is to drink many more of these fellas!

Seriously, did y’all know that Coronas come in baby Corona size? Isn’t it the cutest thing you have ever seen? Awwwww! Makes me want to take them home and drink them up. Oh wait, I did.

We were up north and I grabbed a six pack of Coronas while shopping and when I got home I pulled out the Killians and the Coronas and I thought, “Hmmm! Something’s a bit odd here.” and indeed, I was missing bout 5 ounces of Corona. They still drink well and they are oh so cuuuuute (even though I most often wanted to drink two because 7 ounces of beer isn’t quite enough) but until that fateful misgrab I had no idea you could even get shrunky dunked Coronas.

Then, five days later (coincidence? 5 days, 5 missing ounces? You decide!) I noticed that they were labeled as Coronitas. They were even cuter (despite being down to the last bottle in the six pack) then because Coronita? Hee! Haven’t seen them down state yet but if I do, I’ll just snap them right up. I’m a sucker for diminutive stuff.

I’m a sucker for New Year’s suggestions too. See, I don’t make resolutions because I feel that you are going to slip up somewhere in an entire year no matter how good your initial intensions were. Maybe the vow is to exercise three times a week but what if you sprain your ankle? There goes a week or so. Get sick? Another week. Then it’s all head angst about not keeping the resolution and blah blah not worth it cakes. Instead, I just like to say to myself “Self, what are a couple things we can do to better ourselves?” and I think a bit and come up with “Well, we could try to work out a little more, maybe try to get up five minutes earlier and do some stance work? Five minutes seems pretty easy” Which, five minutes is really nothing when you think about it, but it gets you moving. Myself is usually pretty happy with this so we decide that we shall do some stance work for five minutes a day. Or maybe four times a day at the least because every day is a commitment and what if I sprain my ankle? We mull it over, decide it’s good and say in a normal voice to no one in particular “Let’s try to move a little more, maybe do five minutes of stance work in the mornings while brushing our teeth or doing dishes.” and it’s agreed.

So this year, my new year’s suggestions are to be a little more active, maybe try to get an actual schedule of bowflexing down (in my world there is a try). Still working out the exact details of that one but I’m thinking it’ll come around in a week or so.

I’ve also decided to try and drink more water and less pop/juice/coffee/booz. Water’s good for you and I need to drink more of it and less of the others anyway. I feel like a leeeezard. Sadly, I’m going to have to give up the Coronas and Coronitas soon anyhow since this is the Year Of Attempting To Expand The Q Family. Both the Doc and the Coronas agree that consumption of alcohol is not a wise thing for a woman wanting to start a family. Foo. I hope our future kids appreciate the hardship that is going without Coronas of any type for as long as it takes to conceive, birth and wean a family.

Last, but not least, I’m trying to get in the habit of having better oral hygiene. The dentist (and Crest) want you to brush and floss after each meal every day which is quite a lot of brushing and flossing. Yeah, I’m one of “those” people who don’t exactly brush and floss after each and every meal but I’m trying to step up the frequency of my brushing and flossing. I figure it will set a good example for our future kids and I’ll still have all of my own teeth by the time they graduate from college. Bonus that.

I haven’t decided if I am putting “do the dishes regularly” on the suggestion list or not because I already have three suggestions that outrank the dishes but it can’t hurt to keep it in the back of my mind. Maybe I’ll just throw in an afterthought of “Try to keep the house picked up a little more” and that will cover just about everything (and not be dishes specific. Heh, I like this plan).

And there you have it, the things I’m going to attempt to sort of do on a more regular basis than I do at the present time. More or less.

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