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Driving up north through the snow and the slush can get to you by the time you get to the bridge. I could not get a really good pic as I was the back seat driver so those blurs and whatnot are supposed to be a nice shot of the lights they put on the bridge for the holiday. It’s really cool, they have changed out the usual white lights that go up the support doohickies to the top of the towers and back down for colored lights. Keen! Although this is also kinda how we feel at this point in the trip and there’s still about 4 hours to go once we cross the strait.

We got in just after 9pm Christmas day (night?), which was an hour off of my estimation (I was thinking 10) but only about 15 minutes off of DadQ’s estimation. We came, we saw, we had Christmas number two of the day and then we crashed, wrecked and burned. Zzzzzzz.

Saturday we watched a huge amount of NCIS. I love these show marathons when they run the fun shows and as it turns out, NCIS is a fun show. I think I may have seen part of one episode once (which I saw all of on Saturday) but Saturday I got to see a lot of episodes. Now we’re going to have to order up NCIS on NetFlix because I want to see all the episodes. Stupid marathon of good shows!

Sunday TheMan and I were feeling punk so we nattered around doing a lot of nothing and lay low most of the day. The marathon of TV shows was CIS or something we weren’t particularly keen on watching so we played a round or two of Pairs and Pears. It’s sort of like Rummy Cube and Scrabble and I OWN the simple game. Unfortunately, when we played several rounds of the more complicated game my Pairs-Fu tapered off alarmingly. While I was still sorting dots and stripes while DQ was winning all the games. She is good.

TheMan has a season or two of Nero Wolf on the iPod so we fired that up and watched us a huge amount of Nero Wolf. Timothy Hutton is so young!!

Today the highlight was going to see Sherlock Holmes, which I highly recommend. Jude Law is an awesome Watson and as I said about his performance as Tony Stark, Robert Downy Jr. plays an awesome bastard. I really liked the play between Law and Downy and now I want to reread the Sherlock Holmes books.

Tomorrow we’re going to see Avatar in 3D (wheee!) and go out to eat at the newish Rubaiyat. OK, I’ve gotta go work out and crash.

2008: JSFR: Walky Walky

2007: Finally, November truly marks the month in which I’ve been going through all the years of the booniverse and re-linking the bottom links to the new server. Huzzah!

2006: It really sucks when your dessert is the one nobody really cracks into.

2005: He said if you ever find sake without a bunch of esoteric shit written all over it, don’t get it because it’ll be no good. Your Rob Japanese epicurean public service announcement for the day.

2004: Too busy ducking from the GibSlap to update.

2003: (We have free range kitties tonight, all three are at their leisure to go wherever they please, which does not please the Little Kitty at all. She would rather Meow keep her Meow butt downstairs. Ahhh, feline amusement).

2002: Well, it looks like we are about to do holiday cookies (better late than never) so I am going to have to get the power book off the table. Laters.

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