Ti Little Martwonies


This is the martini set we came away with over break. DadQ has had this set bumping about in its unaltered packaged state for years (and years) so he gave it to us. We broke into it that very night and had us some vodka martinis with Rob and again on Wednesday when I unpacked the whole kit and caboodle. It has six very nice crystal glasses, a wicked pitcher and a stirring rod that I keep bonking into the side of the pitcher. I’m not sure that’s what one does with a stirring stick.

The piggy and olive skewers are not part of the set but they look nice with the glasses. Those I got for TheMan for Christmas. Stay tuned for more holiday loot pics as I decide to get off my lazy butt and snap them.

Not so much going on around here other than the return to work. We only have two days of the grind before the weekend so that isn’t too bad but someone didn’t get to sleep until almost 1am last night (this morning?) so it’s been a very painful day. That and I’m wearing new pants. My poor arse does not have the room it needs to be a happy and care free arse. I guess it beats yesterday when the pants I was wearing took several trips south to visit my socks. We went out on a prescription and short food shopping run and the entire time I was either hiking my pants back up to socially acceptable levels of pants coverage or flashing the world about an inch or two of blue moon colored undies. Fortunately, I was wearing a baggy sweat shirt so I don’t think I blinded anyone with my hip hop style. Your welcome.

Other than showing the world I am comfortable in ice cream colored undies and returning to the old 9 to 5, we have been playing a whole pack of EQ. For yous who gleen no enjoyment about such conversations, then this is the end of the blog for you. Tune in tomorrow for a very special Happy Birthday Sis post (for she will be…errrr… hold on a moment…32 years old come the morning). So long and fare well and all that.

OK! For the two of you left, we popped back over to the Great Divide and harassed five or so bears and got TheMan back his level. Tasty, tasty spells for him. Again. However, bears had gotten boooooring so we didn’t do much else (or maybe I didn’t do much else, I get bored very easily). Then on Tuesday we met up with Dirge and Shar on-line and they showed us a new and happier spot to hunt and we (I) was all about the playing again. Whoooo. We actually went to a very tough spot (errrr…Dragmar’s something or other? There are boats there and we did one of the tougher boats since the first three or so were camped) and r0XX0red the boat. I think we almost got a level out of three hours of play, which is pretty darned phenomenal considering we were doing maybe one fifth of a level in about an hour and a half. Plus, the boat dropped some pretty phat l007 and the bears drop squat. There isn’t even a woods for the bears so you can imagine the nothing we were getting from them.

I think that might be a good thing actually.

We logged on Wednesday to resume the pounding of pirates and did just about as well as the night before. We were at the end of our play (we were going to log but the frog was about ten kills from the next level so we decided to stick it out until the frog got 41) and just sweeping up some pirates when Shar went linkdead. Then Dirge went link dead. Then TheMan and I went “Oh Shi-!” because we were in a bit over our heads to be duoing the dock. I will say, if someone had remembered that they possessed a root spell we would have finished off the pirate we were working on but alas. He wandered around at 2% health, tagged his buddies and we were toast. In the middle of mad scrambling to get away, Shar called up and let us know that the power had gone out at their place (DOAH!) and to find out if we were OK.

We were sort of OK in that TheMan’s enchanter bit it, but didn’t lose much experience at all (Hooray) and was able to sneak back in and recover all his stuff. The frog made it out due to my l337 slaloming 5K1LLz (and mostly the fast feet spell that was still running) but I’m sure I must have pulled half the MOBs with me by the time I reached the zone line. Watch out! Mad frog, coming through. Unfortunately, the frog was stuck at the zone line since they didn’t feel the need to bless the clerical type casters with any regular invisibility spells. 😛

At least the frog can cast, that’s something no?

Last night we logged on again with Dirge and Shar while they performed “Operation: Rescue Palafrog” and then they logged out while TheMan and I dinked around with selling stuff. We usually trade off stuff and sell at the end of the night (which can take up to an hour or so, depending on what all we need to buy) but because the poor frog was stranded (and very full of loot) we had to do our trade dinking before hunting. Dirge wasn’t feeling well so they bid us adieu and we set up camp at the beach (which is an easier zone than the docks and more level appropriate for the enchanter and the frog).

We r0XX0red that beach yo. Of course we had a ridiculously high level cleric buff running from a kindly high level cleric who was wandering through but I think even on our own terms we would clean up. TheMan brought a lizard for the enchanter and that was the peas of resistance. The lizard lets a caster “med” without drawing any agro and lets a caster cast without having to stop medding (I think). Thus, said caster collects mana back at the fastest rate in the game. In practical terms it meant that the enchanter was never below 75% mana and that is the BOMB! If I could get one of those things for the frog I so would (they don’t work if you are moving around fighting, which is what the frog does. And they are a good chunk of change for the lowest level critter. Pity that since they have a green lizard whose skin pattern is almost identical to a frog skin you can choose. Matchy!). The lizard pretty much drained our reserves but we wound up with a pretty sweet take (and good EXP) at the end of the night so the trade off was well worth it. In another 18 nights we will have made up the cost of the lizard (that says more about how expensive the lizard was since the loot drop was easily five times our highest ever take while duoing). Whooo. Of course in another 18 nights in the same spot we will have advanced nine levels (which will, most likely, move us out of the optimum levels for working the beach. Maybe. Hmmmm) and will have cracked 50. Heh. Wow. We have 40th level characters. Whoda thunk?

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