Next to Last Day of the Aughts

Hello all! We’re just about to have DQ’s Dutch sour cream apple pie which is still warm from the oven. I am indeed a lucky person for this is the third DQ pie I’ve had a piece of in the space of a month and a tad. Mmmmm!

Today’s been a day of tying up loose ends as we’re getting ready to vamoose. Of course we (and by we I totally mean MomQ and DQ) picked up some pasties from Jean Kay (best pasty maker in da UP eh!) and we (MomQ and I) also stopped by Thil’s for some smoked whitefish. Yum^2.

The stay up north this time has been a little more lax than usual, mostly I think because it was cold and snowed and then it was warm and melted and then it was cold and snowed again. This made for some treacherous walking so none of that was accomplished any more than it had to be. We did what walking had to be done and no more, ergo my visions of walking for exercise into town (and also for a pastry treat) were severely nixed by me. Falling on my butt repeatedly isn’t what I’d call good exercise form so I opted for jogging in place alternated with a crunch workout. I hate both but I kept up with the working out.

We did try walking back home from the theater after seeing Avatar but even that was dicey despite it being later in the week and a little less deadly walking about.

Speaking of Avatar…wow (the expression). There were a few weak plot bits but that was really second to the amazing FX pretties. Cameron painted an awesome 3D palate which was less IN YOUR FACE 3D and more ‘suck you into the movie’ environment. There were a few 3D in hizzouse moments but what I noticed a lot more was the way the 3D became part of the movie and not a trick of it. The best example I thought was the video logs which had depth but didn’t draw your attention to them (it took me until the end of the movie to realize how well the depth of field was done on those). I also enjoyed the story so there is that.

After we saw Avatar we stopped off at a fairly new Middle eastern restaurant called The Rubaiyat. Mom and DadQ like to take us kids out at least once when we’re up and last time they hadn’t had the chance to scout the place out before we arrived. In the interim they ate there and deemed it good enough to go back so they did, taking us with them. I had curried salmon which was good but the lamb chops MomQ had won hands down. Man they were fine. She also had some sort of cabbage salad which was delicious and I traded her for the beat salad I got. TheMan had Rogan Josh (a lamb curry dish) which was tasty, if less spicy than we thought, and DQ had a Pashtun chicken dish which I think took second place for delicious dinner of the evening. Then came desserts and we exploded.

For the most part though, we’ve been homebodies this Christmas trip. I worked on posting, reading and boogering around on Facebook while DQ did a lot of writing (she’s putting up some stories she has written). TheMan split his time between tech support; getting MomQs iPod and laptop all happy camping and solving some problems DQ was having with her machine as well as the usual Tech Support for Dad, and reading and computer boogery. MomQ had a few sewing projects she was working on (Wooo! New Hawaiian shirts for me!) and DadQ watched his favorite shows and did his own computer boogery. Like I said, we were pretty low keyed.

2008: They were out of Drunken Irish Cheddar which made me cry.

2007: JSFR: Saki Ame

2006: JSFR: Roast Pretz

2005: I didn’t think anybody knew the tune and yet, O du hammmiches! I’m not sure if that was really cool or rather frightening.

2004: Hey, what, no heat? OK! Nap time.

2003: Good…errr…is it Tuesday? I don’t know, I’ve sort of lost track of time and space over the holiday.

2002: Lackadaisically not updating.

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