Baby Sis Growed Up Even More

Today is my Sis’s 32nd birthday (hooray Sis!) so I thought I’d take a moment to reminisce about all the good times we had growing up. OK, that’s over. For your amusement (and totally for mine because I have these all saved and I go back and read them now and then. My Sis cracks me up) today I will share bits of classic sis e-mails.

PART ONE In which the lyrics to Alice in Chains’s Don’t Follow are discovered and then interpreted.

boo: Lyrics to “Don’t Follow” (my internet hunt for the day):

Hey, I ain’t never coming Home

Hey, I’ll just wander my Own road

Hey, I can’t meet you here tomorrow

Say goodbye don’t follow

Misery so hollow


**Hey, I ain’t never coming Home

[Sis] Haaaaaeeeeeiiiiii ain’t never coming home.

**Hey, I’ll just wander my Own road

[Sis] Haaaaaeeeeeiiiiii wander down my own road.

**Hey, I can’t meet you here tomorrow

[Sis] HaaaaAAAAAeeeiiii can’t meet you here tomorrow.

**Say goodbye don’t follow

[Sis] Say goodbye don’t follow.

***Misery so hollow

[Sis] Misery so hollow.

How it’s really sung.

PART TWO In which we spend several e-mails playing “Guess That Theme Song” by typing the music in Hums, Dos, Las or however we think it sounds typed out. Again, my sis shows the flair for interpretation.

boo: TWILIGHT ZONE THEME??? You don’t know the Twilight Zone theme? *smack*

Sis: ***WHHHHAAAAA*** *snif* ow….

boo: That’s for your TV illiteracy! (Dooo-de-dooo-dooo…do-de-dooo-dooo)

Sis * snif *

**** Ironically close to Doo Doo Do Do Do Doooo (doingyoiyoiyioyoing) – X files.

PART THREE In which Sis has to come up with a team song and some sort of challenge or other that you can do in the office but has an Olympic theme. I wonder what exactly they are going to do Olympicly in the office other than the obvious cockroach races.

boo: How about food fights? That’s sporty.

Sis: No food in the line up.

boo: OK, then sandwich juggling?

Sis: No Food In The Line Up.

boo: Food not in line-up. Food in air. Big difference.

Sis: Food STARTS in the line-up and then goes in the air. NO FOOD IN THE LINE UP! No difference.

boo: Hrrmph. OK then theme songs. How about Jail-house Rock? It’s zippy. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer? If your team aint so good you could do O-bla-de O-bal-dah (life goes on BRA! Ah la la lee life goes on!..dah Beat’ls) or Under the Table and Dreaming (Dave Matthews) or Crash (also DMatt) or I disappear (Metallica from the MI2 Sndtrk). If you are better than everyone, how about More Human than Human (White Zombie). Du Hast? (Ahhh…Raumstein! heh). Joyride (Roxette…to go along with those dressage roaches). Alternative: Dude Looks Like a Lady (Aerosmith), Naked Eyes(Lucious Jackson), When I think of you I touch Myself (Group escapes me…for the Cockroaches for sure!).

Sis: I believe the cockroaches are touching other cockroaches…. I believe…

boo: Classical….what of any sort of Sousa march? They are pretty Olympic and boring. The 2001 theme (Also Sprach Zarathustra)’s catchy. There. Thems lots of songs. Are you rounding up your cockroaches yet??

Sis: Er, do you know of any that can juggle?

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