Fare Thee Well 2009

Another year plus another decade gone.

I looked back on my New Year’s Intentions from last year and found I had but two: Exercise more and drink more liquids. Thanks to my Working Out Every Day Since July thing I’ve accomplished goal one. Wooo! I don’t know if I’ve been drinking more liquids but it has been on my mind here and there so maybe I can check off “Is aware of needing to drink more liquids”. I also read more books than I did in 2008 and more books than I did in 2007, but not more books total. I wound up reading 33 books, which is about 10 more books than I did in 2007 and about 20 more than I did in 2008. 2008 sucked for reading more.

As far as working out more, I can see where I’ve started to tone up some which is nice. None of it is happening in my butt or my belly but hey, I have some wonderful extra shoulder muscles happening because that’s totally what I was going for. Grumble. My arms are shaping up too which is nice; there is a lot less flabby arm stuff and more muscly arm stuff. Lastly, sometime in December I noticed that I’m getting some pretty fine lower legs (knee down is falling into line). I would still like my butt and belly to wake up and get with the going though because I’m going to start to look like an olive on a stick with the way things have started. Stoopid butt, stoopid belly.

Also, if my endurance could get off its lazy butt and start being better I’d like that too. Jogging in place up north killed me and I jog incredibly lamely.

TheMan and I ordered a wii…fit? Or we ordered a wii and got a fit too? Not sure how that goes but it came in already and we’ve had a look see at it. TheMan probably wont get to actually setting it up until tomorrow but it looks like it’ll be pretty fun and a nice change from Norditracking and walking should I choose to change it up. Plus…bowling!

I have a birthday secret! It involves bowling!

I can’t say that I’ve noticed anything awesome about drinking more liquids but mostly that’s because I don’t think I ever got firmly into the habit of drinking more consistently. I also drink a lot of lot of coffee and tea which sorta isn’t part of the whole drink liquids to be good to your body thing. Maybe. Coffee and tea are tasty though, it’s really hard to not drink them. On the other hand, I spent a lot of time last year remembering that I should be drinking more so maybe this year I’ll actually do that. We’ll see.

Reading. I am having the best time ever telling the Grad Library to pull books for me so I suppose I’ll still do some reading next year. I don’t know as I’ll try and beat 33 books but I will try to read more than 12 or 14 or whatever I did in 2008. Do I feel any different for having read so much? I feel more well read, that’s for sure. I also found some new authors to read and checked off a little more of my Hugo Winners reading list. I also finally finished a book I’ve had for 20 years (Neuromancer) so that makes me feel more accomplished than it probably should. Maybe I ought to make a list of all my books that I’ve bought but haven’t yet read for whatever reason and start in on them.

2008: Happy New Year, eat well!

2007: I feel like I should do a year in review or something. It would probably look like this though: WoW (the game), some books but not as many as I wanted to read. More WoW (the game), my grandma died, even more WoW (the game) and some work. That’s pretty boring.

2006: JSFR: Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (seaweed)

2005: It sounds like a pretty cool retirement thing, puttering around after your travel bug and then going to all the places.

2004: After that fun and excitement, and breakfast, the fam (minus TheMan and I) decided to go out shopping for stuff and stuff and they game back with a GPS receiver.

2003: Have a happy New Years all of you out there, we are off to feed the bunnies and grab some coke.

2002: 11,000+ pages read in one year, no wonder I’m not updating.

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