Hello 2010.

2010…the year of the zombie apiecalypse. Are you prepared?

Is it me or did 2009 just rocket along? Yikes! Well Happy New Year everyone, brace yourself for warp speed time because I think 2010 is going to go even faster. I tell you the Earth has slipped a little closer towards the sun and spun up a little faster making our days-months-year go a little bit faster. That’s the only explanation I have for the wooshing of time.

TheMan and I spent New Year’s Eve at the Corner Brewery with DQ and a friend of hers who stayed until she needed to go on a nookie run. That woman is On! The! Prowl! folks, I was tired watching her agressively check out guys. Anyway, the brew pub has an awesome funk band playing (Third Coast Kings) and although I can’t say as I’ve ever brought a new year in with funk, I wouldn’t mind doing it again. Oodles of people had their cell phones or PDAs out near the zero hour but nobody got a good countdown going. I miss a spirited countdown but other than that, the night was awesome.

I do have a couple of New Year’s Intentions to roll out for y’all. I think I’ll keep “Exercise More” on the list but if I manage to exercise every day in 2010 I’m going to have to come up with something new next year. I can’t really exercise more than every day and I’m sure as heck not going to exercise more than once a day. A gym bunny I am not. I could vow to increase my work outs but I’m kinda doing that anyway (albeit slowly) on a month by month basis. I’m lazy but I am progressing.

Speaking of progressing, we got a wii! And a wii fit or whatever, anyway, we’re working out with the wii much to my battered self esteem. Wii likes to measure your body score and then lecture you kindly (like a disappointed Weight Watchers coach) when you aren’t performing up to snuff. I gained about a pound and a half between my first work out and my second and the wii took me to this screen of “Why do you think you are a fat-ass? Here are some common fat-assery problems, please click the one that applies to you”. For crying out loud, 1.5 pounds in a day? How about I ate dinner you stoopid wii? Not only that, but the wii likes to calculate my fitness age (45) and then clucks about how much of an exercise beginner I am. Hello? I’ve been working out every damned day since July you soulless floor mat, I AM NOT A NOVICE!!!”

I will confess though that my Tree yoga pose needs a lot of work.

Another intention is to keep up reading some damned books. I’m toying with the idea of reading all the Newberry winners sort of like how I’m reading through the Hugo list. I might alternate so I can get a easy book in between crunchy books. Thank goodness I already read the Mars books!

I would also like to let less food go bad in the fridge. Not that I’m really horrible about that but there are more times that I buy something and never get around to using it than I’d like to admit. I’d like to cut that way down. Perhaps I need to be more organized about the food so I don’t forget that eggplant or those celery stalks or whatever. Eeek gads, more organized. I think I may be doomed to fail this one.

Another food goal I have is to try out more vegetarian recipes. This is something I can easily accomplish. What more cooking and trying out new recipes? Yes please!

2009: I hope this year goes a little slower than last year, otherwise I’ll be writing ‘2010. Wow (the expression)’ tomorrow.

2008: One of my New Year’s Intentions this year is to lose a little weight each month.

2007: The North American Zombie, distinguished by its eerie glow and plaintive call of “braaaaaains”, is seen here nesting in its native winter habitat: The North American 3 Foot Fake Christmas tree.

2006: OK! This is much better than giant face eating bugs. YAY Porchsicle!

2005: Latish morning we did the Q house traditional shrimp eating and New Year’s Day parade watching with a helping of general loafing. Mmmm, shrimp sauce. Mmmm, loafing.

2004: So yeah, I think my new year’s resolution might be to not eat so much shrimp ever again in one sitting.

2003: Right now, the plan of action is to pop the kitties outside.

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  1. Mumses Says:

    Don’t you listen to that nasty wii. You are doing an awesome job on your daily exercise. Much better than some of your mothers are doing. Paul was really impressed with your Christmas eve treadmilling. Go you!!

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