The Return to Work

Urg, the first Monday back from a loooong vacation is always tough to weather. Fortunately it was more or less languid today which was perfectly up to speed for me. Hopefully tomorrow will be about the same but perhaps slightly faster, I could use another day of easing into the work thing.

Speaking of easing, TheMan and I spent a pretty lax weekend doing nothing super spectacular. We did get together with badmovie and LunarGeopgraphy to exchange gifts (and eat their smoked fish…yum!) and got a most excellent cheese and wine basket. Prepare for more hard cheeses of old England soon! Sadly, both of the badgardens have come down with cruddy yuck so we vamoosed fairly early.

What we did do of consequence was three days of wii. That wii has quite the ‘tude, I tell you. First it told me I was a fat-ass when I gained 1.5 pounds and then when I lost a small percentage of poundage (what 1?) it was all “Nice going, but you do know that a weight fluctuation of 1-2 pounds is normal throughout the day?” OK wii, you can’t have it both ways. Either get all up in my grill for being a fat-ass or get up in my grill for expecting awesomeness when a small flux is normal, not both MmmKay? Sheesh, there is no pleasing the wii! Also? wii can bite me.

Hula hoop is still pretty fun though.

I also found my earring holes yesterday on account of having gotten some really pretty earrings from Mr. Paul. I don’t think I wore earrings all last year so it took some coaxing to get a stud into and through both holes. Weirdly, I don’t think I repierced either ear but I think that’s only because it took me about 7 minutes each side of slowly convincing each hole that it did still exist. I won in the end…unless you count the second hole in my one ear. That one needs to be repierced and I’m not going to do it myself. Ow. Today I wore my penguin earrings that I picked up at Penguicon. Tomorrow I might wear my new earrings. I’m going to see if I can’t wear earrings every day(ish) because when I went to play in my jewelry box I discovered I have a ton of earrings. It’d be a shame if all they did was sit in the box right? Right!


The last vacation thing we did was…wait for it…Warcraft! Although to be fair we hadn’t signed on since Tuesday or Wednesday before Christmas. I didn’t miss it much but I’m afraid I may have forgotten how to tank. Tuesday’s raid might get messy.

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