I spent the day at home today because I was just not feeling right. I didn’t get to sleep until late but I probably could have gone into work. Meh. So I chose to call in. And then? I went off on a nut and cleaned three quarters of the house. What’s up with that?

I’m tellin ya, I was the mad woman with the dishes and the laundry and the more dishes and the more laundry (punctuated by a small EQ break) and then back again to the dishes but only after rearranging the bedroom, which involved some heavy duty sweeping and swiffering, and as long as I had the swiffer out, why not attack the living room! Insane? You bet! Does my house look swifferific? Boy howdy! We rocked the cleaning and organizing, yo, and now there are two giant bookshelves in the bedroom and the two mealy nasty shelves have been banished to the kitty’s room. Mind you I didn’t have the oomph to organize the bookshelves but one step at a time. The laundry is completely done and almost all folded and I rode in and vanquished the Horde with flying neon colors, thankyouverymuch. Take that, you dish mongers. HA! Plus, I vacuumed the kitchen and TheMan did his basement cardboard box thang and got everything ready for our visitors.

You were wondering when I might get to the point no?

We are hosting Mumses and Mr. Paul’s puppies until the 26th and they were due to arrive sometime around 7:30ish. The kitties are boarded up in the two bedrooms while the puppies have the run of the rest of the house, minus the upstairs and the carpeted area of the kitchen. Originally we had just the basement stairs blocked off but upon entering, Lucy christened our carpet so we narrowed down their roaming range a tad. Hardwood is much easier to clean.

Lucy still is all upset about the MONSTERS that live in our house and told everyone that there were MONSTERS behind the barricade that leads to the bedroom. MONSTERS! I am glad we decided to use the gate in the kitchen and the card table for the bedrooms because Lucy can only see around the edges of the table and Vande-cat is incredibly curious. Could Lucifer actually see Vande-cat as in through the gate there would be no end to her alerting us to the MONSTERS and Vande-cat seems to have no qualms about sitting out behind the gate watching Lucy loose her shit. That, my friends, can only lead to cat and dog stew.

So far, things is going well but the pups may be tired out too. Talk to me in a few days after having gone through early morning walkies, morning walkies, after work walkies, after dinner walkies, late evening walkies and bed time walkies and we shall see how many of the animals have survived. Especially if Lucifer keeps it up with the MONSTER alerts and Vande-cat doesn’t quit with the egging. You know, we have a pot big enough to cook all of them in I do believe.

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