Hello and welcome to Monday which means…weekend review time – WOOOO! And also I have some bits and stuff to relate which I’m not sure I’ve said anything about but have meant to.

First of all Wii! I’m not convinced that the Wii Fit regimen is doing a hum dinger job of keeping me as fit as I would be if I were still doing just NordiTrack and weights. I still do weights every other day(ish) and record that in the ‘Fit Credits’ as ‘Stuff I did outside Wii’ but the aerobic Wii is…lacking. Somehow I feel like I’m stepping backwards when I do a couple rounds of Hula Hoop, Rhythm Kung-Fu and then some Step Step Whatever. I feel much more worked out after 20 minutes of Norditracking with arms than I do doing all the different Wii stuff. The one thing I really like about the Wii Fit is the Yoga section, but I’m a little too lazy to fire up the Wii and Yoga and THEN do NordiTracking.

Ummm…I may have not yet touched the NordiTrack this year. What? I’m still glowing in the shiny! light of the new Wii! Sorta. I’m also kinda lazy so Hula Hoop, Rhythm Kung Fu and Step Step Whatever have become the new (but inferior) NordiTrack.

Interestingly, The Wii has a free form jog thing (10 minutes) which I may be able to adapt to the NordiTrack if I ever got off my lazy butt and investigate it.

Warcraft! We had enough guildies on to run a 25 man Ony, The other Dragon (the Three Drakes Up dragon, whatever his/her/its name is) and an attempt at Marrobonsey dude in ICC. As you can see, I’m all hip with the WoW (the game) terminology. Anyway, it was fun doing a 25 (mostly) guild run even if I didn’t win hardly anything. My record for winning frozen orbs so far is 0 in 7 (we’ve been doing random heroics) and we did not wipe even though we had a bad moment that took out the main tank and then got ugly and ate the off tank. I took whelps and the dr00d tanked Ony and we lived to loot! Half the raid was down too, it was fun. We took a crack at bonsey-whats-his-name the first boss in ICC and…we’ll need to be a little better geared.

Lastly, we got this odd ‘Worst Case Scenario’ calendar this year which is an odd mesh of “Today in survival history” (Let’s learn about Amelia Earhart !) and “How to survive a [insert thing relating to history lesson from day before]” (How to survive a plane crash!). Today’s insightful How To is how to land a runaway hot air balloon. You know, incase you happen to be in one and it happens to go rogue.

2009: Catching a balloon and not updating.

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2007: Wii thinks it’s obese to update today.

2006: Do I ever update this blog?

2005: That’s it, I’m going to have to step up my grand plans to take over the corporate world I guess. Right after I have a bit of a lie down methinks.

2004: I’m laaaaaaaa-zy!

2003: Oh so laaaaa-zy!

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  1. StalkerPatti Says:

    I’ve heard that the Wii isn’t that great for burning calories. I just ordered some Jillian Michaels DVDs if you want to borrow them…it’s circuit training so burn about 500 calories for 45 minutes (at my weight, anyway)

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