How much soup can you make from a six month old cocker spaniel puppy? Is it better to just stir fry ’em ‘cuz this getting up at 4:44am to a pup who has already wet her cage is getting old fast and it’s only happened once.

Muuuuuahhhhhhh, I am arcing pop tarts today. Bodes well for whenever TheMan and I have kids, no? That’s OK, I have cooking pots big enough for a three year old or maybe two diaper bound crawlers. What? You need to be prepared for the outside chance of twins you know.

4:44 is way too early to get up and still be functioning by, say, 10:00 am. I think I face planted in the middle of typing minutes somewhere so if someone comes across a discussion about the merits of purchasing a copy of bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb they can totally blame the Lucifer. On the other hand while I was up, I did a load of puppy soiled wash, made a darned fine omelet, brewed coffee and dinked around on the computer after taking the pups out for their early morning walkies. I’ve already put in my day, I’m ready for bed!

Other highlights today, in no particular order: My coworkers. Yeah. Same old, same old. Why can’t every place be as cool at TheMan’s to work? THAT would be the BOMB, yo. Meh. That’s it, I’m going to have to step up my grand plans to take over the corporate world I guess. Right after I have a bit of a lie down methinks.

Food: Good! Someone brought in Ghiridelli chocolate squares and they shall survive the corporate culling. Mmmm…caramel squares. Mmmmmm, mint squares. Mmmmm, double chocolate squares. The almond ones aint too bad either. Not that I tried them all. In succession. Several times. MOVING ON! Lunch, when I finally rolled myself away from the Ghiridelli squares, was the most mediocre sub sammich I have ever had the displeasure of consuming. It wasn’t so bad that I could be satisfied with a resounding “Damn! This Suuu-uuuuks” and walk on, but there was absolutely nothing that stood out at all about it. The turkey was…bland. The tomato was red (yay) and tasted like texture. It didn’t even bother to taste unripe, it just tasted slimy in that tomato gooey way. I got Dijon mustard on it, figuring that the Dijon would spice things up and from first bite to the last few inches I tossed, the Dijon was having a taste bud war with the entire rest of the sammich. I have never eaten something that was so abysmally middle of the road. Four hands of thumbs down. Bleh!

Fortunately, TheMan just fixed experimental soup that was mighty tasty. All we have in the house for a-soupin is stock (in three varieties! Goose, Turkey and Chicken), onions, noodles/rice and spaaahhcy brats. TheMan made do and wala! Tres manifique. It totally made up for the blah-wich. Mmmm.

Incase you are wondering about the puppies (Hi Mumses! Hi Mr. Paul) there are, so far, no plans for dog soup. Heh. Although I just noticed that Lucifer pulled the arm cover to the chair through the bars of her cage. Perhaps she wanted to sit on the chair too but was prevented due to the whole being locked in the cage thing? Who knows!

It’s about time for after dinner walkies. Stay tuned for some pics of the pups as we snap them (but not of them going walkies. Ew!)

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