A Post!

WhoooHOOO! Guess what I did this weekend? Or rather guess what I didn’t do because my weekend was full of awesome!

Friday was a wash because I took a nap and then slept until the wee hours wherein I got up and worked out. Yes, I’m still going strong with every day exercised since July ’09. That’s…hold on, maths. … … … 201 days. ARGH! I missed 200 days by a small bitty bit! So I guess I accomplished a nap and working out Friday. OK, that’s not so bad if I make it seem like the nap was something to be checked off.

Saturday we were boogering around on Warcraft doing boogery things in two different 5 man groups when it dawned on us that we could combine the groups and do some 10 man raids. So we did. I main tanked Ony and everything went picture perfect. It was awesome. Sometime in the middle of the run the mailman dropped off two packages at our door and lo! My J-List order came through as well as a package from Up North! MomQ sent me a new shirt (the Hawaiian Geisha shirt in lovely peach). I will admit, I did not open the packages right away as we were in the middle of something but as soon as we were done I signed off and started tearing off packing tape. Kim Chi Cheetoes!!! Also…shirt!

Sis came over to get her cat and gave us some nice scotch and (me) that awesome T-shirt. I’m still giggling and trying to figure out how I can make it business casual so I can wear it to work. Hmmm! Meow went home along with the Furminator so Sis could get to combing Meow in a proper style. That Fruminator works wonders on fluffy bunchy cats and Meow is extra fluffy bunchy, plus my Sis doesn’t have a good comb. Now we have to get a new Furminator but it’s a small price to pay for having Meow a happy combed cat. She actually likes to be brushed with the Furminator.

Then it was off to LunarGeography’s for Smithee movie night and munchies. TheMan made up garlic cheesy pretzel bread and we had wine in Sake cups and some bits of cheese. We also had Kim Cheetoes but that was sort of an after thought. A very tasty afterthought. We came home and TheMan went to bed while I finished off ‘Dead Until Dark’, the first Sookie Stackhouse book. It was an enjoyable read, nothing highbrow but it kept me up until 3am. Both Sookie books are due back at the Grad Tuesday except for the one that has been recalled which magically now is due Wednesday. I’m not sure what that is about except that I know the Grad gives the current holder of the book a week or so when a recall is placed so maybe they gave me a week and it overshot the original due date? I find it weird, but the book is done so no worries.

We rounded out the weekend with some Brew Pubbery (beer!) and gaming.

2009: No Post!

2008: I did 31 posts in 2003 so you would think that I’d continue with the trend but for some reason in 2004 I said “Pfft, screw THAT noise” and chucked the whole post a day idea.

2007: …and missing some blogging for today, apparently.

2006: I spell abysmally. Oddly, I actually spelled abysmally correct on the first try. That’s fairly unusual.

2005: OK, see y’all on the flip side…that is if you aren’t a yousicle by tomorrow.

2004: And today too.

2003: Just keeping up a trend.

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