We Don’t Live Here, Either.

Words spoken about a bazillion times to the cockers as we walked them around the block. Do they just want to quit the walk or are there that many white houses in our particular style in the neighborhood?

Dog Watch, Day…errr…two? Three? I’ve lost count. The good news is that there was no wet cage – huzzah! Unfortunately, there was a wetting in front of the door as we paused for a moment to put the leash on. Close…oh so close. Taken mathematically and assuming a linear progression, there should be wet outside tonight. Huzzah! However, any good mathematician knows that two data points is an awfully small sampling for establishing a pattern so I’ll remain hopeful but observant tonight as I collect my third data point. Wore case, it’s one of those extreme exponential things and the asymptote is the door.

Other news, I was not woken up at 4:44am this morning by EeeEeeEeeEee-huzzah! We were pretty much toasty by 9 so we wandered off to bed more or less at that time and promptly crashed, wrecked and burned. More or less (almost to the dot) four hours later there was EeeEeeEeeEee. Still 1am is a far cry better than 4:44, and since I had to pee anyway, I got up and took the pups out. This left TheMan to worry about the 5am EeeEeeEeeEee. Muahahahaha! Two interesting facts came out of this morning’s EeeEeeEeeEee episode. One, I am very much not looking forward to having kids because this up every four hours is brutal. On the plus side, you don’t have to take a kid outside in the snow to change the diaper. Item two: The puppy woke me up at 5am with the EeeEeeEeeEee and EeeEeeEeeEeed for at least a minute before I elbowed TheMan awake (it WAS his turn). Foreshadowing?

We also went walkies last night in which the pups decided to duck up the driveway’s of every fifth house. Not sure what’s going on there, but a repeated “Guys, we don’t live here” seemed to do the trick. The dogs would look back at us, do the dog equivalent of “Oh? Huh. OK!” and we’d be on our way until the next house they decided Must Be The One. Maybe they are just getting the lay of the land, or maybe our neighbors have some really interesting stuff that dog’s just can’t resist. Both pups are really digging the snow though…doesn’t matter whose snow it is. Heh.

I just have one question before I vamoose: Why does it take me several days to vanquish the Horde, yet in ONE SINGLE DAY they have regained a good solid foothold on the sink and are expanding back onto the counter? Why? Can you spray for Horde?

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