Tuesday in Pictures

I love my new camera, I can take it anywhere without much fuss!

The pic up top is of the Reading Room (on the right) and a big board of rock. Earlier there were several boards of rock lined up so that, I assume, they could look at them and best decide which rock skin looks most like the actual rock of the reading room. Now it’s down to one rock board. Why?

Because someone somewhere is finally so ashamed of this 70s architectural abomination that they are going to strip the aluminum crap and replace it with stone. HUZZAH! In case you are wondering about the blurriness of the pic, I took it through some warbley stained glass window panes. I think the blurry actually softens the horror.

Also dovetailed into the new stone for the stacks are two building projects. This is the pit that will eventually become a whole new building for the Law School. It will have faculty offices (hooray!), a large lecture room and several small lecture rooms. Plus other awesome stuff.

The second simultaneous construction project is the building of a commons area. This pit was dug down one floor so the line right under those arches (with the pink stuff in them) used to be the ground level. This has lead to some humorous sights like the ground based air conditioning unit which is now hovering a full story up (it’s on the wall you can’t see, sadly). Up in the very left corner you can see a little piece of the other ugly which is the sky bridge from the stacks to the next building over. This is coming down…

And a new sky bridge is going to be put in perpendicular to the old bridge. It’ll not mess up the lines of the new commons building or something. I’m just excited to have something that’s not UuuuuGly! They are hacking holes for an elevator shaft here which is sorta sad since that’s really old building work they are jack hammering off. On the other hand, it’s cool to see the different layers. The Reading Room is made of cinder block clad in brick faced with stone.

I decided I was going to walk the stacks for exercise during lunch. I also took my camera to take pics because the construction is kinda cool. This is looking up 10 flights of stairs, which I traversed twice.

Mind you, floors 1 through 6 are kinda stumpy. I think I can hit my head on the ceiling if I get a good jump going. You can see at the end of the aisle more construction evidence. They’re everywhere!

Here’s another stumpy level full of mouldering books things. I think these may be FOGs or Foreign Official Gazettes but if they aren’t, then they are how I imagine the FOGs to look. Apparently our FOG collection is a bit rag tag since FOGs don’t really come all nicely bound and such.

Here’s the stairwell and, as you can see, level 5 (still a stumpy level). I’ve always wondered about these signs of former construction…I assume the stairs ran differently back in the day but I can’t picture it. Now all that’s left is some weirded out bricks.

Have I mentioned yet that my new camera is a little bit disconcertingly small? This is me fat fingering a picture trying to put it away.

For reference here’s level 7 I think. It’s something like a floor and a half tall and every time I come through here (level 7 is where the sky bridge connects to the other building) I wonder how long I could remain undetected if I crawled up onto those upper shelves for a nap. That would also assume I was a lot smaller, lighter and agile than I actually am. I still think it would take some time before anyone found me if I could.

Here’s your obligatory Ghost Busters Library Stacks shot. The shadowy thing hanging out in the light is a box fan.

Speaking of the other building, here’s the construction hallway thing they built over winter break. This is the inside to the arches with the pink stuff inside them from way up at the top of the post.

Along the way I happened upon the Lexis reps giving away free stuff. The student spotted me first, and not knowing me from Adam, asked if I wanted a shirt! I told her that I knew where they kept them and that I wouldn’t want to short their handing out supply. The full time Lexis rep said I could take one anyway, seeings as I keep their supply area from going feral, and I should take one for TheMan too. SCORE! Then I headed back to my desk, swag in hand and with very tired legs. I did get a lot of cool pics though.

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