One of these puppies is going to be soup soon.

So the dog sitting thing goes in leaps and bounds, but sometimes it’s leaping backwards. Yesterday was one of those backwards days where the puppy had to go out every two hours yet when she did go out there was something in the road or smells in the air and she would only half do what she needed to do, then when she got back in she would remember “Oh yeah! I had to go!” and promptly relieve herself on the floor.


I think I’m failing the parenting test here. I’m also a little slap happy from being woken up every two hours by EeeEeeEeeEee. I just can’t sleep through that (and guess who can. Bastard! If only I possessed the sleep powers that TheMan has. Le sigh) so I’m up every two hours regardless if it is my turn to take her out or not. On the plus side, no wet cage. Huzzah! On the minus side, I’m in terrible need for extra strength COFFEE.

Charlie dog is an angel. She shall not be soup!

Hopefully when we meander off to the Mumses and Mr. Paul’s house this weekend things will be much better. There is a doggie door and the pups are used to the house. We might get some sleep…HUZZAH!

I am in a foul mood today too. Partly because of EeeEeeEeeEee and partly because I was too clever for my own good. I dressed for the impending ice age that should have swept the land. However. For most of the day when the mercury refused to budge, I was just shy of bursting into flame with my smart turtle neck and my stylin sweater. UGH. Getting up to go to the john was generating enough BTUs to power a small south American country. Nothing like overheating to add to a crank.

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