I don’t wanna talk about Dogsitting Day whatever the hell day it is. I will say that I luuuuurve the Charlie dog. I luuuuurve the Lucy dog when she isn’t peeing inside, pooing inside, chewing, barking, running around like a crazed thing, yodeling…although the yodeling is sort of cute for the first 15 minutes. I, however, already own a Siamese cat so I get all the cute noises one can handle in a day when I get up in the morning. I will say I am eternally amused by Lucy’s flop of head hair. When she gets all Fierce Dog she wrinkles her head up and bouffants herself. Heh.

I have cookies and you don’t.

Unless you do in which case we can eat our cookies together and neener the other cookiless people. Ready? “We have cookies and you don’t! Neener Neener Neener!”

There, I feel better. You?

Hmmm. Not a lot going on as usual other than EeeEeeEeeEee. Ooo! Wait, yes! I almost forgot my other cleaning project that I didn’t get to on Monday: The Sorting Of The Sweaters. I have a bazillion sweaters and sweatshirts and other warmies that fit, sorta fit and don’t even come close and they all occupy the same area (but not all at once). In a coincidental prompt, the Qs will be housing a couple o’ lads from Tanzania who asked is they could “Hire winter clothes” while they stayed. Hee. Hire. Anyway, TheMan and I thought that we ought to weed through our warmies and the Tanzanians have no warmies so last night we whirlwinded through our respective warmies stash and boxed up the don’t fits and sent them off. I’ve been calling it my Tanzaniancicle Care Package. The stuff should get there on Tuesday. I think the Tanzanians arrive on Monday. Hopefully they wont freeze solid.

They are in for quite a shock though, I looked at the weather up north and it was 2 degrees, feels like -17.

We head on up to The Mumses house tonight and potentially a full night’s sleep. I am really looking forward to an uninterrupted sleeping (Mumses has a doggie door, pup can let her own self out. HA). Sweet, Sweet, Sleep.

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