Near End of January Blathery

Wow, do I slacker or what? WHAT!!

My boss has the coolest ceramic mug which looks a lot like these here mugs-

but way cooler. For one, there is no handle. For two (which really ought to be an expression if ‘for one’ also is) the top is a silicone scoodgie replica of your standard to-go coffee cup hat. For three, her mug also has a silicone scoodgie deelie that goes around the middle like one of those paper thing-its that keep your fingers from blistering off. It’s the cutest thing EVER and it’s all environmentally friendly and all that jazz. Basically it’s the cutest thing EVER with perks.

Last Thursday we stopped in at Espresso Royal and what should they have but the same sort of cup (my boss got hers at someplace called the Tea House) for sale. Since it’s darned close to my birthday, and the cups are the cutest thing EVER, I snatched one up. My cup is thicker walled than my boss’s cup so there is no need for a silicone scoodgie paper thing-it replicate to keep your fingers from burning off. Sadly, it is only holds about 9 ounces of liquid which is not a whole lot, but it still has the squibbly hat that looks like the regular to-go coffee cup hat. I have an unnatural infatuation with those lids.

My aim is to use my new cutest cup EVER instead of paper cups so I can be all tiny carbon footprinted. And so that I can drink out of the cutest cup EVER.

Speaking of slacker, we had a productive episode of slackery this Saturday in what we labeled “Chorecrafting”. It’s like Laundrycrafting or Dishescrafting except you do a whole bunch of household chores and play Warcraft. It worked out pretty well on both accounts. We also did a hum-dinger of a job 25-man raiding ToC (Next week: The Index!) so that was sweet. I did some tanking and some healing which was pretty cool (I got new healy gear so I was actually effective!) save for the part where I’ve never healed several of those fights so I was al “What flames? Where demons? Vortex?” Tanks don’t do a lot of worrying about that stuff while healers do. I only died 3 times other than the full raid wipes.

Sunday we did some of this and a little bit of that until it was time to vamosey over to the BadGardens. We were doing dinner and a movie which put bread pudding and pasties on the menu. They were the best part of the movie, sadly…unless you are in to stale acting, muscely bare chested weightlifters and random pointless boobies. Even then I can name you several other movies you might want to check out first. Anyway, we brought the new projector over and gave it a Smithee test run. It is so TINY, but it works a bazillionty times better than the old one. Huzzah!

I am wearing the wrong pants today. I thought they might be the ones with the largish hole in the crotch but when I checked them I found no such hole. So I put them on and wore them to work only to realize I had been mistaken as to where the hole actually is. Fortunately, I don’t go flashing my inner thigh randomly around so my secret is safe. Heh…Whoops.

2009: Too bothered by the wrong pants to update.

2008: Also the shiny! of my cup is distracting me.

2007: Plus, I like boiling carcasses.

2006: Just say no to bad vodka. Trust me on this one.

2005: Forgetting my brain.

2004: And my shiny!

2003: Sadly, no update for you.

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  1. Amy Says:

    Next week: Index! *snickers* I love that.

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