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After much deliberation we packed it in, pulled up roots and are staying at my mumses house for the remainder of Puppy Watch ’05. On one hand it feels like we failed the parent test, on the other hand babies usually don’t eat their beds when you leave them alone for a couple of hours.

Yeah, sorry about that, Mumses and Mr. Paul. It seems as if our brilliant idea of leaving the travel doggie bed with the pooches to comfort them and make them feel happier about being at home backfired and they really just felt happier about having lunch. We left two pups and a doggie bed full of toys and came back to two pups and a sunroom full of doggie bed bits. There was also one incident of accident but we explained to the puppy that there was no excuse for wetting inside WHEN THERE IS A DOGGIE DOOR OPEN ALL THE TIME!!! Someone just got a little too excited about chewing up a plant to remember to go on the outside. Hrrmph.

Oh right, there were plant parts all over the place when we got back from the Sis’s birthday thing. They vacuumed up well with the foam bits though (the plant parts, not my Sis’s birthday thing). I also got back from the Sis birthday thing to two mittens where formerly there had been two mittens and a hat, but either my hat is made out of the world’s most puppy resistant material or it was appropriated for a snuggle toy rather than a chew toy.

I still have a deep and abiding luuuuurve for the Charlie dog. She is a good doggie.

So, other than oodles of puppy adventures, we had a relaxing weekend at the mumses house. First, mumses has a hot tub. An indoor hot tub (or is it a Jacuzzi? What’s the difference? This is a big old tubby thing with jets so whatever that it). It was 16 degrees outside on Saturday morning, one would be a personsicle if they even attempted an outdoor tubbing. We had us a nice relaxing soak Friday night and slept a solid 10 uninterrupted (save for potty breaks) hours of sleep. There was no EeeEeeEeeEee and it was bliss. We didn’t even mind the downsizing to a full bed (we have a queen at home) because TEN. WHOLE. HOURS. OF. SLEEP. I can not expound enough about this blessed event. Ten! TenTenTenTen! This is the Ten Hours Of Sleep Dance!

(Interesting thing about downsizing to a full bed: When playfully tackling your husband for kisses from the right side of the bed onto the more or less left side of the bed, make sure your husband isn’t at the edge of his more or less left side of the bed. He may look like he is at a good kiss tackling range but remember that a husband on a queen sized bed is vastly different than a husband on a full sized bed even though they look exactly the same. It is way too late mid leap to realize the error of pounce kissing a full sized husband versus pounce kissing a queen sized husband and thus, there will be no bed on the other side of a full sized husband with which to stop said ill fated pounce. Furthermore, your inertia from said pounce will not only take you flying off the other side of the bed, but it will most likely take your husband with you. In an odd coincidence, my toe really hurts today but I don’t think the two are related)

Wait! Still marveling about Ten Hours Of Sleep….OK, back. That was what decided it for us, the delicious, dreamy, non taking puppy out in the dead of night quality of our sleep. We woke up Saturday and decided to brave the commute in exchange for more of this thing called “sleep”. You think Mumses will let us escape to her house when we have kids? No? Foo. Anyway, Sunday we stopped by our house long enough to grab cats and essentials and then set up camp for the long haul. Mumses and Mr. Paul come back the 26th. Whooo! I don’t think I’ll mind the getting up earlier since mumses has a really boss kitchen and they have really good coffee. Mmmm, coffee.

Oh and a hot tub. Can’t forget those evening soaks in the tub. Mmmm, hot tub.

In a bitter twist of ironic fate, I wound up with ASS for sleep last night as one cat decided to partake of my glass of water at 4am this morning (*LICK**LICK**LICK* right by my ear ball) while the other one kept jumping on my person every hour thereafter. Fortunately, neither involved me having to get up, put on boots and take them outside. Whoot, but stop with the midnight cat head in my water MmmKay? Good kitty.

Other than sleep and going to the Sis birthday party thang, we played an obscene amount of Diablo and it was good. Every once in a while you just gotta crack out the Diablo and go with it. Even the pups approved as they got to lounge around and get foot scritchies as we tackled the jungle. Ahhh, the good life.

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