A Birthday Post!

Isaak thinks he is entitled today as you can see he has usurped the sock drawer. There was kitty inversion on my birthday! Little Kitty was quite put out and I was vastly surprised. Isaak was comfy.

Today I decided to take the day off because I have the vacation and it’s my birthday. So I did. I had to get up earlyish for a doctor’s appointment but then I headed right back home and took a nap. Yes I did! It was somewhat because it was my birthday but mostly because I could. I get a perverse pleasure in thinking of my coworkers slaving away as I snuggle under the covers with a cat or two and snooze.

I did not snooze long though since Mom and Mr. Paul were heading on over to take me out to lunch. We hit Real Seafood Company (which just looks weird but if they don’t wanna use a ‘the’ then that’s what we’re going to have to call them) where I got some sea foody something to eat and BRANDY CHOCOLATE MOUSSE for dessert. There’s only one reason to hit RSC on your birthday and that is the Brandy Chocolate Mousse. They also do pretty good fish but the mousse. Think of the mousse! I sort of got a birthday present but it hadn’t yet arrived so they wouldn’t tell me what it was. I call shenanigans! I should be able to know what my birthday present is on my birthday right? It is apparently a joint gift from my Mom and Mr. Paul as well as my Sis and her husband. I call double shenanigans since it seems like a BIG DEAL but I don’t know what it is!!!


Since it is my birthday I will let you in on my Big Birthday Secret. It will tie the whole blog together! This Sunday we are renting out a portion of the Corner Brewery and having a Big Lebowski party. We have been amassing the means to project Wii bowling onto a screen for the event (meaning we finally got a new Smithee Projector and we are putting it to other uses) and we arranged to give the Brewery an area rug that we will bring to the party. I have printed out a recipe for Kahlua cake so now all that stands to be done is wait. I hate waiting.

To that note, I took a second nap since the first one was really a short resty thing. It’s my birthday! I am entitled.

I may have played some Warcraft too, but only because it was my birthday. We rounded out the day with bumpy cake and hanging with the Wednesday gaming crowd. It was a pretty awesome birthday indeed.

“The sock drawer was MY idea but then this big fat stupid cat stuck his big fat stupid butt in there and now I can’t get into my favorite place to nap.”

“Quit your grumping over there, I climbed in here fair and square.”

2009: My birthday started out pretty rad. TheMan offered to let me sleep in all week (birthday week SNOOZES!) which…awwwww. He’s a keeper indeed.

2008: Listen up you primitive presentee-ist screwheads: If you have the plague, stay home.

2007: JSFR: Gookie (orange)

2006: OK, really I am having a terribly wicked-good day despite the fact that I got no birthday cards in the mail. *sniff* I have a theory on that though, I think all my birthday cards turned into food. Dear God has there been food.

2005: I think everyone should have a librarian blown up for their birthday, it shows people really care. *sniff* Awwww.

2004: That’s right, it’s the single most important day of the year (thankyouverymuch) and I intend to make everything about me today.

2003: So the plans for today include eating.

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