I don’t feel like making one of those cohesive chatty blog entries so instead (or as usual, depending on your point of view) I’m just going to pick a couple things of interest or amusement and blurbit all short like about them.

ONE: Damn, it’s cold outside. I know your northerners are going “Pshaw, you aint seen nothing yet” (“Nothing yet eh?”) but you know what? I don’t need to see nothing yet cuz -1 degree is PLENTY cold for me, thankyouverymuch. Plus, my toasty hat needs washing so I’m working with hooded head and that just aint cutting it in this soul freezing weather. Besides, I’m a warm blood!

Speaking of cold, we gotta call up north and see how the Tanzanians have settled in and if the rescue warmies got up there. Poor, poor fellas: Weather for up north is 0 degrees but feels like -22. I looked up the temperature for Tanzania for today: If they are from the cooler region, today is a sunny 84 in their homeland. If they are from the warmer region, they could have expected a balmy 91. Today, they are living -22 degrees.

TWO: On the Diablo front, we took the paladin for a spin with his new shiny sash of much armoring. Except it wasn’t enough and he died. Repeatedly. TheMan got tired enough of my bitching (because he has an extra tasty piece of armor on his Amazon who is NOT a front line fighter but wont listen to reason and give it to the paladin who is a front line fighter. *I* thought the argument had much merit, I did) and of hearing the paladin glug glug potions that he gave in and handed the armor over. Holy frijoles! I can not describe how easy it is again to play a melee paladin! He hardly dropped any life what so ever (had to drink 2 potions fighting two individual named, versus all 16 fighting one). I love TheMan!

The down side is that we can not find the Jade bird quest and I have two characters now (that I know of) who haven’t partaken of the Jade bird love. Grrr.

THREE: OMGWTFBBQ – I have no idea what this is about, well other than Oh my god- what the f***-barbeque, but it has me generally amused. Alessar sent an e-mail with this as a subject line and I’m dying about “WTFBBQ”. When would you have the opportunity to utter WTF BBQ? What are the circumstances in which that is an entirely natural line? The only things I could think of was either finding a large pig roast complete with slaw and tater salad sides in a coat closet, or maybe WTF comes in grillable units but is very expensive. I can see uttering, in complete glee and shock, OMG! WTF BBQ! with maybe a squeal of delight thrown in. I, however, like the image of ducking into a coat closet only to find a large succulent pig spread out and ready for eatin’. Mmmm, BBQ.

FOUR: Yesterday the snow on both the window well and the huge slab o’ concrete that makes up the back half of the window well was uncharacteristically pretty. Usually, the snow completely covers the concrete and will cover the windows until it melts off in large sheets (which is still pretty cool) but yesterday it decided to do something completely different. Both surfaces were…flocked, or perhaps dappled with thousands of handball sized puffs of snow. It was quite the interesting effect and it lasted most of the morning. Mmmm, pretty. Yeah, a picture would have been totally worth a thousand words but I didn’t have a camera. You’ll have to deal with these 115 words instead.

FIVE: Puppy watch ’05 continues. They did not eat the couch or each other, life is good. I think Lucy might suffer from people separation anxiety because she put up quite the ruckus fuss while we were in tubbing (we closed the dogs off from the tub so we could have some kitty time) and then blew a gasket when we headed off to bed. Poor pup, I guess she likes her people. We reintroduced the kitties and the puppy last night, hoping to calm the little wiener down but Lucy was still all about the OMG (WTFBBQ) MONSTERS! HEY! MONNNNNNNSTERS!!!!! The Little Kitty was a trooper though. She sat relatively quiet, if not completely bug nuts worried, while the puppy yipped around and barked her fool head off. You know, because if we hadn’t noticed we were holding MONSTERS! RIGHT THERE! ON YOUR LAP! AHHHHH! MONNNNNNNSTERS!!! We might try a little more introduction, Little Kitty willing, or we might just wait until Lucy is a bit more growed up.

I love me the Charlie, although Lucy was going so full steam about the MONNNNSTERS!! that Charlie started barking too. Charlie wasn’t as strident about the whole barking because I’m not sure she was exactly certain what she was barking at. Charlie knows the cats (so no need to bark there) but Lucy was turned up to 11 and going further so there must have been some reason, right? At least in Charlie’s mind, because who barks so enthusiastically at cats?

SIX: The Smithee Movie Nights have returned – Huzzah! Unfortunately, TheMan and I can no longer host everybody at our house for these Movie Nights (or in this case, at an alternate cat free location) much as we’d love to. Our house only accommodates about seven people comfortably yet nine have been known to squeeze in and there could potentially be 14. Squishy! So, if you hear me mention a Smithee movie night but haven’t gotten your invite don’t fret! We have split the movie nights into the “A” list and the “1” list and you should be on one or the other. If you keep hearing about these Movie Nights and don’t get your invites drop me a line because that means I’ve accidentally forgotten to add your name to the list and that’s not good at all!

Yeah, our next house will have a big ol’ home theater so all y’all can come and partake.

SEVEN: JSFR! I went out to Wizzywig today and procured some more JSFR for the movie thang this Saturday. Lucky, Lucky Smithee folks!


EIGHT: I forget what eight was for.


OK, see y’all on the flip side…that is if you aren’t a yousicle by tomorrow. Brrr!

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