Birthday Weekendery

I declare Boo Birthday season officially over and what fun it was! It even extended to today with a surprise gift from a coworker with an impressive Matchbox car problem. She has a millionty bazillionty of the little cars, because she likes cars, and every now and then I get to be the recipient of her bargain toy car hunting extravaganzas.

Behold! Birthday hot rod bug!

It has joined the printer queue of bugs which she has also gifted me over the years.

Birthday Friday I went out to eat with Alessar, who bought me lunch. We hit the Cottage in Buffet and I had the best salad I’ve ever had in my recent memory. I have no idea why but that was one deeeeelicious plate of greens. It may have been two deeeeelicious plate of greens they were so good (and it was a buffet). Can you believe a gorged on salad? SALAD!! It was so tasty.

Friday night I think I napped. I really need to get my sleep schedule down because I wind up getting maybe 6 hours of sleep through the week and on Friday I crash, wreck and burn…wasting a whole evening in napping. I did get up (at 3 in the morning) to work out though. I am contemplating trying for every day exercised for a whole year and then come July I might drop raid nights. I can never get it together to work out before the raids and after the raids is getting later and later. I have a while to think on it but already that is sounding like a sweet, sweet deal.

Saturday, LunarGeography and I started out bright and early with an egg man run. I got a dozen turkey eggs, some bacon (BACON!), a turkey breast for crock potting and a pork thing, also a nice crock pot size. The egg man is starting up a…CSA? It’s basically a thing where you sign up for X meat/farm stuff package and he delivers it to your house periodically, that period being 2 weeks. He has decided to quit the farmer’s market if he can get enough people to sign on. LG and I were all ears because we love the egg guys stuff. Mmmm BACON! Now to think on what I need to have delivered from the egg guy every 2 weeks.

Later that day there was a lowbie achievement run in Warcraft which I was going to join with my little warlock Tan. However Leal, the current tank who is not a tank most of the time (off spec), said “Please, please PLEASE bring your tank! I don’t wanna do this any more! MOMMY!” OK, maybe without the mommy part but he was all out of tanky fun and still stuck doing it. So I switched up and tanked a lowbie dungeon for fun and nerd points.

Afterwards I zoomed over to alessar’s place to pick him up for shopping (his car died recently and he has been without wheels. It’s working smoothy for getting to and from work but shopping and bus riding is teh sux). This we did and I more or less stayed to my list. Kinda. What? There was egg nogg!! I should just put ‘egg nogg’ as a standing grocery list item, that way I’ll always be on target with shopping. BRILLIANT! I wish I had looked at our egg supply before going though, because the 18 eggs I thought I had turned out to be only 5 eggs…and I needed to make 2 breads and 2 cakes. fortunately I had turkey eggs but I hadn’t expected to be experimenting quite so soon with them. Note to self: Check larder before shopping.

In the evening we had a guild meeting on Warcraft and we did some 25 man stuff. It was a full day.

Sunday was my BIRTHDAY PARTY day so I baked up a Kahlua cake and a sprinkles cake as well as a blueberry bread cake thing for badmovie (we are behind in his bread of the month present). The house smelled fantastic. It was also a lot warmer with all the baking so I took a comfy nap. 71 degrees! That’s almost unheard of these days with the single digit cold. Then it was party time and lots of people came (and I got presents! I felt bad because I didn’t want to say “Come to my party and bring presents” but rather “Come to my party and have fun!”). We played games as well as Wii, but I’m not sure if the Mii creation was more fun than the bowling. If it weren’t for the fascination with 100 pin bowling I would have to say more fun was had creating characters. I’m not sure how I feel about that because now I have a Cheryldactle, badmovie, StalkerPatti, LunarGeography, Rob, Mary, Mary, Sam, Sis and DQ Mii that show up when I’m working out.


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  1. StalkerPatti Says:

    I loved the Wii bowling, personally. Is Mr.StalkerPattiJeff’s Mii on there? He was kinda creepy looking, too.

    And now I feel bad that I couldn’t get your present together. Here is what I tried to do. Martha Stewart had a show on using Ball jars for creative purposes. They had this one where you punched a hole in the lid and then put the yarn in the jar. You fed the yarn through the hole and it was for people who crochet or knit! The cats stay out of it and it’s neat and nice. It took me forever but I finally found it on sister’s website. But girlfriend didn’t tell us HOW to punch the hole. I tried with various instruments but nothing worked so I gave up 🙁 I thought it was cool and wished I could have made it work.

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