Room-dah-bee-boom the whippering dong

Still cold, got a cold, still at my Mumses, the puppy ate a plant and then took a nap on the table. How are you?

Really, the puppy got up on the table and settled down for a snooze. What dog does that? I mean sure, maybe put your paws up on the edge there and lick some crumbs. That I can see. Or further yet, jump right up there on the tabletop and chow down on the butter. That too seems very dogish, but to just one day decide “Hey! That tablecloth sure does look cozy, I think I’ll just up and have a bit of shut eye if you don’t mind”? That’s just not like any dog I’ve ever heard about. Usually it’s just up, grab and eat and then down. Not the Lucifer, she was up there for the long haul. She even had the audacity to try and look all innocent when I caught her on the table. “What? Me?”

Of course I had just come downstairs to find she finally went medieval on the houseplant she has been harassing the past few days. There were plant parts All. Over. The. Place. It was as if my Mumses’s braided rug had gone shag with chlorophyll, there were plant parts coating it from one end to the other. I tell you when that puppy sets her mind to something, she does not skimp on the measures. Oi! So, sputtering with anger and outrage at her puppy prank, I walk into the kitchen to give the puppy a bit of what for and what do I see? Puppy butt on my eating space. Yeeeetch!

I will say that if you want the human to forget about the plant coleslaw you’ve made in the sunroom, get your hinder right up there on the kitchen table and have a bit of a lie down. That’ll work every time.

We called up north to see if the rescue clothes had made it to the Tanzaniancicles (they had) and how they were faring in general. In case you were curious, they come from the warmer part of Tanzania (Currently 90, feels like 87) and have taken to wearing sweaters, jackets and stocking caps…inside. The Qs don’t keep a particularly cold house either (I’d guess a comfy 68 to 70ish) but then again, if I were suddenly thrust in an environment that was twenty degrees colder than what I was used to, I’d be cracking out the jackets and stocking caps too.

Evidentially, though, they are adapting well and went out for the first time a couple days ago. Neither of them had ever seen snow (and they will get their fill of it, boy howdy. If I remember correctly, last year about this time in the Great Up North, the weather gave the record for most days in a row of snow a pretty good run for the money) and both of them are amazed that people actually choose to live in these conditions. Good news for them: It’s a balmy 14 degrees up north (feels like 0) so it’s getting warmer! Whooo! Plus, the forecast is for snow, snow, snow through next week Friday. It might actually get up to a blazing 29 degrees. Now we’re cooking.

And because we are at the mumses house and are not able to play any of the Evercrack, I shall now commence on the Diablo update. I was out sick (the lurge! Or rather Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurge as TheMan says it) so I played even more Diablo, if that can possibly be done, and napped. A while back I was cranky that the Sorceress’s companion kept biting it whenever we played. Not whenever we met a big bad, but all the other times in between too. Damned paladin minion had all the staying power of a wet Kleenex. The screen would shift and he’d keel over. I’d put the powerbook down and he’d keel over. So I brought up the minion screen to see what was up with him and found out that somehow he had only progressed to level 12 while the Sorceress was at 27 and then some. Well, that explains it. So my sick in bed Diablo-a-thon was primarily dedicated to getting the paladin minion some levels.

I went back to the Arcane Sanctuary (three chapters back) and cleared it out, reset the game and then cleared it out again. Wash, rinse, repeat. I did find a couple of interesting facts though, because I was really bored having to go through the sanctuary eight times and was looking for things to do to amuse myself. First, the paladin minion gets double the EXP if he’s out there poking the good poke versus just tagging along while the Sorceress annihilates everyone. It takes about twice the time to go through the Sanctuary with the paladin minion poke-poking so six of one I guess. I prefer letting the minion do all the work even though it takes longer because you only do the scenario once. I’d rather go longer than do the same thing twice (with two different inflections. The same thing twice with two different inflections).

Second, the Sorceress gains EXP at the same rate whether she’s playing back up to the minion paladin or whether she’s taking charge and clearing stuff off the board. I think the paladin minion just gets his undies in a bunch when the Sorceress steps in and does all the ass kicking. In an unrelated note but still amusing, when playing a Sorceress and having the very clever plan of teleporting up to the Arcane big bad and then blasting him to bits, remember to firmly press the “change to a new spell, preferably one that will annihilate said big bad quickly” button firmly. Otherwise the plan becomes “teleport up to the big bad, don’t hit the change spell button hard enough and teleport like a mad thing all over the place”. While fun, this isn’t really the most productive way to kill the boss mob.

It DOES seem to confuse the big bad (and me alike) though as the sorceress took no damage and the boss was at half by the time I figured out what was going on and switched to the right spell. Could I have found a new strategy?

We tried Operation: Introduce the Kitties to the Puppy! again last night with little to no new results. This time I had Isaak with me but that didn’t seem to make much difference. A monster is a monster I suppose. Isaak too was a trooper and other than a brief moment where he took off for parts unknown (but came wiz banging around the kitchen island so I eventually caught up with him again) was relatively unharmed (physically) by the mad pup. Vande on the other hand disappeared completely and wouldn’t even come out for krunchies. Heh, she was all “No WAY Jose am I going be next on THAT list” despite the fact that I wasn’t continuing with the Lucy introductions. I think the Vande-cat was hedging her bets and staying low, just incase.

Something else worth noting: Last night Lucifer was popping a gasket so I went around to see what had her so riled and found the Little Kitty just sitting on the stairs watching the show. She is the Evil, that Little Kitty. I think she enjoyed watching Lucy lose her shit.

Right then, that’s about allt he blathering I have for you folks. Stay tuned for more later! Oh, and you JSFR junkies, lookie this: Predated Snack Food Review. Who loves you?

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