$7 Tea

Is not all that

Way back when the Qs brought back some African Honeybush Tea when they visited Tanzania and it was the best tea ever! Hmmm…let me rephrase that because I really dig Lapsang Souchong and I don’t think my love of Honeybush tea overshadows it so then second best tea ever! Or well, it rated really, really high on my list of teas I like and will drink often. Anyway, loved it. And then I drank it all and was very sad. Then I found Tazo made an African Honeybush tea and I was all elated again except it wasn’t *quite* as good. It’ll do, seeings as I am not likely to find the tasty tea from the motherland any time soon, but I keep my eyes open for different brands of Honeybush. Also they didn’t have it in the Tazo brand last time I went which was disappointing. I’m almost out!

Really I am…the Tazo Honeybush is the one orange bag in the upper right hand box…along with the green teas and lemon white tea. Honest, I need tea!

Twinnings makes an OK Honeybush tea but they are wont and oft to combine it with things, like mandarin orange. Sometimes I’m just not in a frooty mood but I’m in a Honeybush mood. Argh! Then I saw a new-to-me Honeybush tea made by Numia (straight up for the purists) but they wanted $7 for a box of 18. $7? Wow, I thought I splurged when I spent $4 on 20 teabags. I picked it up anyway thinking that if it tasted closer to the original Honeybush the $7 would be well spent. It doesn’t and it wasn’t. FEH!


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