Today on the TV

Friday I finally found out what my birthday present was (an entire week plus some days late AND into the next month mind you!). Huzzah! I’d be all mean and keep you in suspense but as you can see from the pic, Little Kitty is sitting quite squarely atop of it.

Indeed, Friday as we pulled into our driveway after work, Mom and Mr. Paul pulled in directly behind us and unloaded a beautiful 32 inch LCD TV. WOOO! TheMan is in hog heaven as the new TV does not go all green and pink on the sides like the old one was doing. He immediately tore into the box (upsetting the Little Kitty greatly; she thought she had gotten a new high rise office space) and spent the next hour setting it up. I think I took a nap, or read, or played Warcraft or perhaps lay on the bed and petted the kitties. I do not recall exactly but pretty soon we had a brand new spankin (color correct) TV set up in our living room. We also had the old TV hanging about on the floor, for lack of a better place to put it at the time. Thus, when TheMan fired up Star Trek the Rebooted version (which we apparently had on disc, I need to give my DVDs a looking through so these things do not come as a surprise to me) I got to use the old TV as a foot rest. It isn’t so comfortable to retire into the life of an ottoman, sadly, so we’re going to have to figure out where to put it until we can chuck it. However, I suspect it will hang around the living room for a time yet pretending to be an ottoman.

The picture lookes awesome BTW.

Saturday was a day of lazy. It was also a day of somewhat productivitiness (I just made up that word) since we got some laundry done and some kitchen stuff I believe. We also got a whole lot of warcrafting in but that was the point of Saturday. Come to think on it, I do believe I even took a nap. Hmmm!

Sunday was more Warcraft, then shopping, then zooming over to the badgardens for gaming and epic snack fail. I guess there was some sort of big football something or other going on and everyone everywhere bought up all the Dean Foods full on french Onion dip. Then they bought up all the Dean Foods half fat French onion dip. By the time I got there there was only no fat French onion dip (and not too much of that left either, people were getting desperate for their dip!) which I picked up not realizing it. No fat French onion dip is the YUCK people! Gak! The bacon cheddar dip wasn’t too hot either (although TheMan took a shine to it) and the carrots didn’t go well with either dip. Hrmmm. Stoopid Super Bowl.

What’s a superbowl? Is this one? Lemmie sniff it real good just to make sure.

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