You Gotta Make the Morning Last

I am having the BEST day today. Ever. Or at least the best day ever that I can remember in a while and I think that’s because TheMan and I got all our relaxin in last night and it felt good!

OK, get your minds out of the gutter. I’m talking about when you and your spouse/partner/housemate/person you spend a lot of time with look at each other at the end of the day and say “Well, what are we going to do with the few hours before we really should be in bed?” So you sit and think and come up with some ideas, agree on a plan and off you go. The problem I find, most of the time, is that there are more plans than there is reasonable time to do them in so some stuff gets left off the list. THEN it feels like I didn’t get around to all the relaxing I wanted to do and I get all stressed. Look at that! We didn’t sit around and loaf! AHHHHHH!

Last night the plans included taking a tubbie, reading, playing Diablo and getting dinner and we had three hours in which to accomplish them all. Normally that sort of list would have to be pared back, say choosing between reading and Diablo, or maybe skipping the tubbie all together but no! We prevailed and accomplished all four without having to short any one of them. It’s all in the planning. We threw the chili on to simmer, grabbed our books and hopped into the tub for a nice steamy (not that kind of book!) soak and read. Then, when we were all nicely pruned and relaxed (and full up on the reading), we popped out to nice hot chili waiting on the stove. Yum. Chili and Diablo are not mutually exclusive so we ate and played for an hour or so and called it quits.

By the way, a 30 sorceress and a 31 assassin rock the house yo. They were taking names and kicking ass like no other pairing we have run so far. There weren’t even any deaths this time around despite hordes and oodles of monsters (not that there weren’t any almost deaths. Hey! How was *I* supposed to know that a shrine of evil would pop a scary number of critters? I mean, really! These shrines need to come with instructions or something. Moving on). We crunched (and zapped) our way through a good chunk of the chapter we are on, leaving a wake of dead critters behind us. Heh. Carnage!

Oooo! By the by the way, TheMan has a crack theory (versus a crack pot theory) about the uber plot of the Lemony Snickett books we are reading. We just bought the rest of the available books (eleven is out, I think the series will go to thirteen) as we have been reading through them while house sitting and yesterday TheMan had one of those unfortunate eureka moments. Unfortunate in that the more I think about it, the more I am convinced he has the right of it and that just made me really not want him to have guessed correctly because his theory sucks. Wah! It does, however, fit perfectly in with the depressing atmosphere of the series. I wont explain much further because he did a nice little write up about it over on his blog (foll-ow, foll-ow, foll-ow, foll-ow, follow the available link!) .

Right then! Onto the weekend recap which begins traditionally with Friday. And true to tradition I can not remember what we did Friday. I’m all about keeping the traditions here at the booniverse.

Saturday we had a Smithee thing all planned out which was on the verge of being cancelled due to snow. We decided to go ahead with the gig anyway because we are crazy and TheMan had made a metric ton of chili for the event. The copious amounts of chili didn’t have much to do with our decision until TheMan cheerily piped up that if we were snowed in, we would at least have chili to eat. After that, come hell or high water (or the unlikely event that our destination was completely wiped off the face of the earth) we were going to have this Smithee thing, if only to divvy out the chili. Hey you want to be cooped up in a house with TheMan and that much chili, go ahead. I’m just saying four bean chili isn’t for the faint of heart.

We watched Gang Justice starring Erik Estrada which didn’t really have a gang, or any justice or much of Erik Estrada for that matter. (How amused am I that Word recognizes ‘Estrada’?) The whole movie was about this Asian kid and his side kick having trouble with this gang of two, possibly three white bread bullies. In Wisconsin, the Mecca of gang activity. The two or possibly three of the “gang” was a hoot, though. He gave rise to the term “Feral minion” which I think every big bad needs if only for entertainment. The other two movies were errr…something that was actually a good movie (sorry, can’t remember the name) and “Subterano” which wasn’t a great Smithee flick but did have a really good Acting Appropriately Stupid. Hey, you know when you are trapped in a parking garage (Oh, the whole thing was filmed in a parking garage BTW) by an insane game programmer who has figured out how to make his game real and a glowing orb with a spot to put your head inside the orb shows up? What’s the logical thing to do at this point?

Yeah. I’d like to thank the academy for my nomination in the “Acting Appropriately Stupid” category but I can’t seem to find the right words. Or my head for that matter…

After the movies we slid home, with a short stop to offer help to a pizza guy who had buried his car in a snow bank, and proceeded to try and carve our way into my mumses driveway. She has a communal driveway for the last thirty feet or so and the neighbors had thoughtfully plowed (yay) but only the last thirty communal feet of driveway (boo). This left a giant ridge of snow across my mumses driveway about a quarter of the way up so we spent a half hour shoveling and trying to ram the bug into a “parking” place. Fun fun. We eventually got in and got to bed at about 2am.

And now for some bits of miscellany. My poor buffalo mitts have given up the ghost. The one that MomQ repaired blew a thumb and the back of the mitt is getting pretty thin so I thought, “How sad, I got a bum mitt”. Then Saturday the other mitt blew a thumb. Sadness, because I liked those mitts a whole lot. I do not like the fact that they started to unravel after only two or three years of reasonable mitten wear. Hmmm.

Bruises! I have more bruises to match my toe bruise of husband tackling. One I deserved for punching an icicle (my middle finger is nicely bruised) but the other one I got when I closed the refrigerator door on my foot. Fortunately, it’s not the same foot that TheMan landed on, unfortunately I somehow managed to rack the top of my foot with a door that has at least four inches of floor clearance. I’m still trying to puzzle that one out.

Sometimes I amaze even myself.

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