All You Need is Love. And Sushi. And Warcraft.

Ho ho! Weekendery! And I did stuff too.

Friday I was feeling out of sorts so I strongly suggested to TheMan that sushi would make me very happy. He was all about pleasing the wife (and not so very much about cooking) that we wandered over to Ichiban for cheap eats. Sadly, they aren’t doing their 2 for 1 sushi dinner extravaganza anymore but instead they are doing a 30% off sushi. It’s still a really good deal (although I might hesitate a little on ordering a whole pack of the specialty rolls at 30% off rather than 50% off, but I’d still get at least one). Also sadly they were hip deep in people waiting to be seated, which we took one look at and said “Pffft this noise, let’s check out Yotsuba.” then we did.

Yotsuba is quite a bit more expensive but also quite a bit more tasty. We came, we ate and we had a good listening to of the working dinner next to us. I really hope they were discussing everything on the up and up because I’d hate to be brought in as a material witness to some sort of business shenanigans because they couldn’t keep their conspiracies to a non carrying whisper. Also one of them was an Aussie and one of them a Brit and the accents kept drawing me into their meeting conversation. The American fellow looked very familiar too, I hope he isn’t any faculty member I ought to know. Dear Law&Order guys, I have no idea what they talked about except they mentioned Yale and possibly Harvard, but I’m not sure if Yale was Yale or one of the professors whose name is also Yale.

Yale is not sounding like a word anymore.

We lounged and boogered around needlessly doing probably nothing the rest of the night.

Saturday I got up earlyish to go meet the Egg guy down town. He had some new products and of course I picked up a couple to try. Mmmm, elk jerky. Mmmm bacon. BACON! Since TheMan was illing, I hung out at the BadGardens for breakfast which was blueberry pancakes, bacon and coffee. LunarGeography makes a mean blueberry pancake. We also fried up a pound of bacon cut into 8 strips of delicious thick bacony goodness. Man the egg guy knows from bacon. After breakfast I wandered home, did some Warcrafting and a bit of reading (100 plus pages in and Jonathan Strange has yet to make an actual appearance, which I find very odd for a titular character. I am hoping he is not related to Godot) until it was time to hit the brew pub. LunarGeography’s baby sis is getting over a rather tumultuous breakup so we took her out for beer and games. As usual we had fun because duh…Corner Brewery.

Sunday was Valentine’s Day but TheMan and I didn’t have a whole lot planned. We might have boogered around on Warcraft, I might have done dishes and or laundry and then we cracked out another Wine and Cheeses for dinner. The BadGardens had gotten us some Wisconsin cheeses and wines as a Christmas gift and I supplemented with a couple other cheeses from Whole Foods. Mmmm, wine and cheese night. Also, apple grape wine is really tasty. It was a fairly laid back Valentines but a very nice relaxing one too.

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