And Time – Is Still Marching On

Hey! It’s that time of year again. I’m another day older but not so much the deeper in debt. This is a good thing.

In 2003 (I just looked up the entry. You thought I wrote for y’all but the truth is that I write for me so I don’t have to tax my poor plork with that whole remembering thing. Heh) I was all about the food. In 2004 (also looked up) I was all about ME! This year, I’m all about everyone else. That sounds strange but I have no feelings of “Lookie look! It’s MY day today! Worship me on my day of birth!”, which I think everyone really ought to experience once if not several or many times in their life (on their birthday that is. No one likes to be around someone who is the center of attention all the time, but I think we can make exceptions for birthdays). You want to hear what I thought I might want for my birthday this year? Fuzzy socks. Does that make me an old fart or am I just entering a phase where the simple things in life, like warm feet, make me very happy?

Of course I’m enjoying all the birthday wishes and cards and lunch (Mmm, Real Sea Food Company. Thanks Mumses!), and my coworkers threw me a mini celebration, which was really cool. They sang (in key even) and then presented me with the tiniest yet most deadly chocolate truffle cake I have yet encountered. Everyone got a piece and there is still half the cake left. It was so dense and rich and full gooey chocolate goodness that I think I can hear one of the librarians exploding as I write. I think everyone should have a librarian blown up for their birthday, it shows people really care. *sniff* Awwww.

Weirdly, though, I’m going around with this feeling of “Heh, cool. You blew me up a librarian! Thanks.” and I’m generally happy but lately I’ve been focused more on other people. For instance, we found a really cool thing for DadQ and picked it up for his birthday, which isn’t even for a couple months yet. I’m currently brewing up a birthday haiku for David (who is older tomorrow) and next week I’m making a cake for a coworker’s birthday. Dirge and the twins celebrate their birthdays in early February and then Shar rounds out the month. My birthday is nice, but I have lots of other people to plan for, to think up birthday poems for, to ruminate about what the right gift would be. I guess I’m enjoying bringing happiness to other people more than waiting in anticipation for my happiness to arrive to me on my birthday. I even bought bagels for the people here and at TheMan’s work in celebration. Happy birthday to me, have a treat!

Having said all that, we do have some plans for me birthday celebration. Tomorrow TheMan and I have reservations at Paesano’s (for a weekday and a cappuccino caddy do not mix well) and tonight we are going to get Boston Market (because I’m having a mashed potato thing) and play EQ. There was the traditional Real Sea Food outing and the traditional eating of the Brandy Chocolate Mousse (yum!) and the coworker splody truffle cake. Of Doom. Not much but this year I am very satisfied with my plans.

I did indulge myself and picked up two finger puppets this afternoon before lunch. Evidentially the Manhattan Toy Company has more finger puppet groups out and I fell in love with a very RARH alligator finger dude. Of course, you can’t just get one finger puppet so I also picked up his buddy a shark. RARH! They are cool and currently sitting at my desk. Life is good, I have finger puppets and really cool peeps. Have a great day on account, I know I am.

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