Weekend Meme of Sickness

Urgh, I caught the latest cold this weekend (which I think has actually been brewing since Wednesday) and was down for the count. I hate weekend coldery but I guess it’s better than having to take a bunch of sick days. Marginally. Anyway, I decided to make a cold meme because otherwise the weekend update would look like this: Sleeeeeeeeeep, reeeeeeeead, cough cough wheeze, sleeeeeeeeeeeep, reeeeeeeeeeeead, cough cough wheeze.

My Cold Meme!

Five things I hate about colds:

One: Oh I hate the general state of being sick where you don’t feel right and you are grumpy and coughing and drippy and really wanting to stomp around all T-Rexy with little arms complaining about how unfair it is that you are sick. Except that’s not very adult so you can’t but boy do you really want to. At least I do. I get cranky and petulant when I’m sick.

Two: I hate the waste of a day spent sleeping and then I hate feeling so zoned an hour or two after I get up that I have to take a nap (for 3 or 4 hours). I guess my body needs the sleep but I begin to ache if I’ve been in bed for too long. I hate feeling like the sleeping dead but also feeling twitchy and sore from sleeping a millionty hours.

Three: I hate the next work day after a cold. I always feel SUPER (in comparison) and I get to work and I’m all “Boy was I sick yesterday but now? I’m feeling GREAT!” Then, about halfway through the day my body is all “Oh hey, we are feeling great but we are feeling more ‘great lying about’ rather than ‘great doing 9 hours of something which is not lying about’. We’re tired, can we go home now?”

Four: I hate cancelling fun plans. I did not go to LunarGeography’s Yaoi night on Friday, I did not go to Smithee Clips watching Saturday afternoon and I missed Rob’s Iron Chef Rob’s Freezer Saturday Evening. I even missed raiding on Warcraft instead of Rob’s Iron Chef night since the ‘net was down but then I tootled off to bed and slept like the dead so I probably wouldn’t have been able to raid either.

Five: I hate taking cold meds. I take a millionty different pills because sometimes I’m on Claritin for my asthma and sometimes not so I have a bunch of singleton meds. Claritin for the antihistamine, Sudafed for decongestant, Advil for any pain, Muscinex or Robitussin for coughing and then, of course, the two asthma meds because if I get a cold now-a-days it goes right to my lungs. I need a notebook to remember when I took what and when I’m all blergy sick I can never remember when I need to take more meds. Yeah, I guess I could get an all in one and simplify it a bit but I’ve found piecemeal works better than all in one. Don’t know why but it does.

Five Things I Like About Colds

One: If you live with the right people, and I do, they are awesome when you are feeling low. TheMan went shopping for me (he HATES shopping) and bought me cranberry juice and popsicles. He also made me dinner (venison burgundy – his Iron Chef entry). He’s a keeper!

Two: I got a hella lot of reading done. 2.75 books. That looks pretty good on the Read Some Damned Books front.

Three: Getting sick is the best time to quit the caffeine habit. Coffee, tea or soda have a very low priority on my “Want to consume” list so I usually go the stretch of the cold without having caffeine. The withdrawal headache really can’t be distinguished from the I’M SICK headache and by the time you are better you are the better part of the way to caffeine free. Unfortunately, I really like the taste of coffee and tea so I just have more of it when I’m well but if I ever needed to go cold turkey, after a cold would be the ideal time.

Four: If you have a social engagement that you don’t really want to go to (which none of mine this weekend were WAH!) then being sick gives you a good excuse.

Five: When you turn the corner and are on the upside of sick it feels so incredibly GREAT! Never mind that if you were feeling healthy and then started feeling the same way you’d be all “URG! I’m Sick!” I find that amusing as all get out. Yeah, my head is stuffed and I’ve lost the use of one nostril and sure I have a little sinus headache but boy do I feel a millionty times better than I did yesterday! I’m on the mend!!!

2009: Too mucusy to update.

2008: There hanging over the upstairs door were two populated finger puppet racks. SQUEEE!

2007: This was a bad cold.

2006: I slept most of the weekend.

2005: I don’t think I even remember Saturday.

2004: Colds suck.

2003: Yuk!

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