Vacation Picto Friday

I had some vacation time knocking about so I took a random vacation day. Isaak thinks this is a good thing.

The first order of business after breakfast at the Bomber and a Doctor’s appointment, was to change the sheets (FLANNEL!) and take a nap. Mmm nap! And also HA COWORKERS!

Since I got very little Warcrafting done this past weekend, I fired up the computer and hopped on Tan. Here I am fishing with my cranky-pants deamon guy in the PVP area.

Vande does NOT approve of my Warcrafting time.

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!! I bought 5 packages of cookies this year: The above Semoas (the best GS cookies ever), PB Sammich cookies, Thin Mints, Dolche de Whatever and Thankyou Berry Much cookies. I was singularly disappointed in the Thankyou berry much cookies and gave them away. The Dolche the Whatever cookies were also kinda meh. Then I had the PB sammich cookies and they were…OK. Then, THEN the Samoas were…kinda good. SAMOAS! They should be awesome and yet…just OK. What is the world coming to?

It wasn’t all games and cookies, there was laundry to do.

Isaak is unamused.

I put some stock on to simmer and some laundry in to wash and then took a nap. Because I could! Chore napping s the best.

When TheMan came home we did not feel like cooking so we went to the Brew Pub. Here’s a bunch of Rat Pads awaiting maturation. I think.

Yay Brew Pub!

2009: ARRRGH! Food shopping is driving me nuts.

2008: Napping and not updating.

2007: Ummm…yeah. Updating. Didn’t do much of it last week because…ahhh…I can’t even think up a good excuse.

2006: Brew Pubbing and not updating.

2005: I got a lot of reading done on my vacation day too.

2004: I don’t think I have to say much more (well, maybe Auto-erotic-asphyxiation because: HEE!).

2003: I discovered a few neat things along the way though, like the singular of Amici is Amicus and it’s always italicized. Except on those occasions when it’s not. I haven’t really figured the hard and fast rule for that yet, but mostly the phrase is in italics.

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