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As usual welcome to the Monday Weekend Review with your host, boo. This week on the weekend review we will be talking about serendipity and undies, brush on the topic of hair, visit with birthdays and of course, discuss general laziness.

First off, what did we do on Friday? Did we play an obnoxious amount of EQ? I can’t rightly remember so I’ll say that…OH! Heh, right. Friday was the dinner date with TheMan at Paesanno’s. Mmmmm, Paesanno’s. The eats were so good I food coma’d them right out of my memory. Mmmm, food coma.

TheMan had set up the reservations way back in 2004 just to make sure we got a table but come Friday, I wasn’t so much feeling like eating a huge (but delicious, always delicious) meal. I was probably still suffering from Real Seafood Company (Uuuurrrrrp) so a fantastic, wonderful, rich, thumpy meal didn’t sound all that grand to me. However. I wasn’t too keen on scrapping the plans altogether because, Cappuccino Caddy! To miss out on the cappuccino caddy is sadness incarnate. So, we devised a plan wherein we just skipped the main course, ordered some appetizers and then went straight to coffee and dessert.

It was a plan that worked like a charm. I had an oxtail Napoleon dish which was basically shredded oxtail (quite tasty), some sort of sharp cheese, perhaps Romano, and puff pastry. It was verra tasty despite TheMan claiming there was too much cheesy to the dish. More for me! Mmmmm. He got seafood pizza and enjoyed that. Next course: Cappuccino and dessert! They have changed up their look a bit and alas, there is no more funky trapezoidal dessert menu. Sadness, but it’s more about the food than the ordering placard so all is still quite tasty. We opted to try the cinnamon apple crepe deelie and decided it was a nice end to our tasty (yet lightish) meal.

Afterwards we drove home, hopped online and got everyone to 44 by harassing undead critters. We rock the beach, yo!

Saturday we were incredibly lazy. I think we did absolutely nothing until it was time to leave for the traveler game. We snuck out early in order to pick up some munchies (re: breakfast and lunch in one eating) and got waylaid in Kroger’s at the dollar DVD table. Oh my. We have more Smitheelicious movies to watch because ouch! That made us a tad late, but terrible movie wealthy (it’s all the mumses fault. She was the one who told us that there was a dollar DVD sale). Then, TheRCK surfed through Netflix and found us some beautiful titles that need to be appropriated. The top on the list was “Nimphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell”. I mean…just…Ow! I think my brain exploded.

We got home, I took a “nap” (that lasted until the morning) and TheMan geeked out. I have no idea what he did, I don’t even know if I would know what he did, even if he explained it patiently to me. Whatever it was, he had him a good old time puttering around and came to bed mighty late. Incidentally, I think I may have reneged on my New Year’s “resolution” because I can’t remember if I did all that happy dental evening hygiene thing I was attempting to get into a habit of doing. Sadly, I don’t know if this is the first incident either. Meh, most of the time I’ve got the clean teeth routine down, I think I’m doing smashing on the “resolution”.

Sunday dawned, we didn’t notice. I got up in what would still technically be called morning but probably would be referred to as “sluggard hours” by most of the rest of the world and started in on the laundry. Hmmm, somewhere in there we went out and hit K-Mart looking for fuzzy socks (sadly, denied) and a flat white twin sheet for Smithee Sock Puppet material (score!) and also picked up some swanky fat chick undies (yes, this boo has a burgeoning posterior and needs roomier undies. *sniff* But at least they make fun fat chick undies-Score!). I think that was Saturday. Anyhow, I washed and wore some of my new swanky better fitting undies and they were the fine. I need to just up and pitch the old cranky undies.

Also, for some strange reason, my hair decided to not only behave but style itself in the cutest fashion. What’s that about? Why can’t it do that every day? Well anyway, y’all missed my incredibly cute and stylish head yesterday. Today? Back to the same old. antics. OK, tangent over, back to our regularly scheduled story.

Eventually we almost puttered out to Sam’s to get a battery but a block away from home we noticed it was 3:00. Mumses was having a birthday dinner thing at 4:00 so we abandoned Sam’s and headed out to the mumses. We got there at 3:56 pm (timely! Yes, us! Whoda thunk?) to find no one was home. Hmmm. Turns out Mr. Paul had to pick up mumses from the airport so all was good more or less. Sis got the time confused so she was late but we all wound up in one place with food and good company. Oh, and presents! I got a huge jewelry box thing (fortuitous as I just put my Christmas jewelry into my old jewelry box and ran out of room that morning) which fits all my jewelry with lots of room to spare. Wheeee! And I got Victoria’s Secret seXXXy undies from my sis. Oh get your mind out of the gutter, my sis don’t get me THAT kind of undies. These are cotton…errr…briefs? Not granny undies, not thongs, but the ones in between. Anyway, they are cotton fun undies ’cause sis likes to find the wildest, craziest pairs she can. Shiny! TheMan has an order in for me to wear the black ones with the neon hearts after they are washed. Rarh! I think another pair is basically reddish with spazzy electric bubbles on them, and I can’t remember the rest.

Mr. Paul cooked bread (mmmmmmm!) and made chicken Parmesan in the cutest individual servings ever. Squeee! I have the coolest family.


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