French Onion Soup

I got it into my head to make some French Onion Soup the other day because I never have and I had quite a lot of onions. Also, Mr. Paul makes the BEST French Onion Soup and I was craving some of that delicious oniony goodness. Sadly, I do not have the proper French Onion Soup bowls to put my French Onion Soup in so it looks like a shopping trip is in order.

You would think that French Onion Soup would be fairly easy; cut up onions and simmer them in broth. You would be wrong. I called up Mr. Paul to check on the recipe and it is quite a bit more involved. And butterier.

3-5 lbs onions, sliced
3/4 stick of butter
1 tsp salt
4 or 5 glugs Worcester sauce
1-2 tsp red pepper
1-2 tsp white pepper
1-2 tsp cayenne pepper
128 oz chicken stock

provolone cheese

Slice onions and saute them in butter with peppers, salt and Worcester sauce. When the onions are caramelized, add stock and simmer for 5 to 48 hours, stirring occasionally.

For presentation: Toast a slice of bread which will fill at least 3/4 of the soup bowl diameter. Ladle soup into bowl, float toast on top of the soup and place a slice of cheese on top of the toast. Put whole soup assembly under the broiler until cheese is nicely brown. Eat.

That’s a lot of butter. Tasty, tasty sauteing butter. Yum.

We used chicken stock because I don’t do beef and as Mr. Paul says, they use beef broth as a cheat to get that lovely caramel color up front. He didn’t exactly say that anyone worth their salt can get the same color simmering and simmering and simmering bird stock but I think it was heavily implied. His is the tastiest French Onion Soup ever so I’m sticking with the many hours of bird stock simmering.

I don’t have a lot of notes here, I used one bag of onions (3lbs) which TheMan cut up. Hooray! If you can get someone else to cut your onions this is an even better recipe to make.

Mr. Paul said, as I was talking to him on the phone in the morning, to simmer the soup all day, preferably two. I wanted to eat my soup for dinner the same day so we only wound up simmering for about 5 hours. It was good but also tasted young. You may want to devote a day to simmering your soup.

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