I took an amble around to check on the construction. They have done a lot of walling off of areas where they need construction access points but what really is weird (to me) is that they’ve finished off a lot of the walls. Here the construction access is dry walled and painted AND hung with neat posters about the construction.

This week they took out the server room. I came down from the tea room (stairs off on the back right) and had a severe moment of disorientation. WHERE WAS I??!?? WHAT’S WITH ALL THE ROOM!!?! WHERE IS THE LIBRARY!!!

For reference, the old server room dimensions have been greened in. You can also see this in the plywood pattern. They had put down plywood on the outside and inside of the room, then took out the walls. There are little cinder block wide strips of plywood wedged into the floor from after the walls went away. That’s a lot of space to suddenly have open; I had to focus on the elevators (library is to the right of the elevator bank. Library is to the right of the elevator bank…) to quell my disorientation. The hallway looks really cool though now that it is back to the original configuration (well, aside from the plywood flooring that is).

Speaking of elevators, they finally finished the stacks elevator (shiny one on the right).

It has buttons! OMG does it have buttons. It is also plywooded because they are bringing in construction materials and elevatoring them up.

The new elevator also has a big ol’ LED (I think) display window that reads “sm” for some reason. Or 5m, can’t tell. It also has swank signage. Check out the hours of operation! Customized.

Here’s the progress of the Commons Construction Project. They are mostly tearing holes in stuff getting the elevator shaft ready…


…so they can tear down the E-W running connector bridge and build a N-S running bridge that connects the elevator shaft of Legal Research to Hutchins Hall. I am a little unsure about the whole whittling away at the current sky bridge supports. Is that safe?

Meanwhile, the other building has foundation walls. Woot.

This is the prettiest you will ever see the aluminum clad stacks. What were they thinking? I think they will start tearing them down this summer, which should be breezy for the folks and books currently in the stacks (they are not relocating the books but the people who have offices aluminum side will be put elsewhere).

I was tootling through the stacks and happened on some workers puttering around with the old dumb waiter book delivery system. Normally those metal plates cover the whole kit and caboodle so I never really noticed them, other than there were window sized metal plates on the wall. It was pretty keen to see the whole tiny elevator like system.

Lastly, this used to be a little nook with windows and whatnot that they recently bricked up. Every time I come through the stairs on the right I think “For the Love of God, Montresor!” and I laugh. It’s very cask of Amontillado, save for the construction door. A kinder gentler cask of Amontillado if you will.

2009: I think at one time I actually unlocked Narnia from the control pad there for a bit. Still, our new baby BizHub wrocks.

2008: For the love of GOD! Oh wait, a door.

2007: Nevermind Montresor, continue your masonry.

2006: JSFR: Coffee Marshmallow

2005: I think you missed a spot over there…

2004: I opened the latest Amazon package that had arrived on our doorstep: Stargate SG-1, Season 6! We are complete.

2003: I just made the crust for my ultimate cheese cake and I snagged a few of the thin mints while vaporizing them. Were they tasty? Well sorta. Did my stomach gurgle and heave? You bet. And did I learn my lesson? Of course not.

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